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Law 5: The Ball

1. Weight and Size

The ball, when new, shall weigh not less than 5-1/2 ounces/ 155.g., nor more than 5-3/4 ounces/163 g.: and shall measure not less than 8-13/16 inches/22.4 cm., nor more than 9 inches/22.9 cm. in circumference.

2. Approval of Balls

All balls used in matches shall be approved by the Umpires and Captains before the start of the match.

3. New Ball

Subject to agreement to the contrary, having been made before the toss, either Captain may demand a new ball at the start of each innings.

4. New Ball in Match of 3 or more Days Duration

In a match of 3 or more days duration, the Captain of the fielding side may demand a new ball after the prescribed number of overs has been bowled with the old one. The Governing Body for cricket in the country concerned shall decide the number of overs applicable in that country which shall be not less than 75 sixball overs (55 eight-ball overs).

5. Ball Lost or Becoming Unfit for Play

In the event of a ball during play being lost or, in the opinion of the Umpires, becoming unfit for play, the Umpires shall allow it to be replaced by one that in their opinion has had a similar amount of wear. If a ball is to be replaced, the Umpires shall inform the Batsmen.


(a) Specifications
The specifications, as described in 1. above shall apply to topgrade balls only. The following degrees of tolerance will be acceptable for other grades of ball.

(i) Men's Grades 2-4
Weight: 5-5/16 ounces/150g. to 5-13/16 ounces/165g.
Size: 8-11/16 inches/22.0cm. to 9-1/16 inches/23.0cm.

(ii) Women's
Weight: 4-15/16 ounces/140g. to 5-5/16 ounces/150g.
Size: 8-1/4 inches/21.0cm. to 8-7/8 inches/22.5cm.

Weight: 4-5/16 ounces/133g. to 5-1/16 ounces/143g.
Size: 8-1/16 inches/20.5cm. to 8-11/16 inches/22.0cm.

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