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Godalming v Shillinglee
Godalming, Surrey
6 September 1847

Result: Match drawn

Toss: not known

Shillinglee 1st innings
J Prescott            run out                                   4
J Challen (sen)       not out                                  43
J Newman                                 b Woods                0
Earl of Winterton     c J Caesar         b FB Caesar            5
W Humphrey            lbw                b Woods                6
G Taylor              run out                                  10
W Napper              c Craven           b Chester              2
D Heather                                b FB Caesar            3
W Newman                                 b Chester              0
J Sadler                                 b FB Caesar            0
Extras                (b 4)                                     4
Total                 (all out)                                78

Godalming 1st innings
T Craven                                 b E Napper             7
A Colpus                                 b Heather              1
J Caesar                                 b E Napper            17
FB Caesar                                b Heather              6
J Chester             c Taylor           b E Napper             0
C Woods                                  b Heather              0
R Richards                               b Heather              0
F Marshall                               b Heather              2
B Caesar                                 b Heather              8
Mr Hoare              not out                                   8
J Whitbourn                              b Heather              0
Extras                (b 6, w 4)                               10
Total                 (all out)                                59

Shillinglee 2nd innings
J Prescott                               b Woods               10
J Challen (sen)                          b Woods                1
J Newman              c Craven           b Woods                4
Earl of Winterton     c Chester          b FB Caesar            8
W Humphrey            c Richards         b FB Caesar            0
G Taylor                                 b FB Caesar            0
W Napper              c J Caesar         b FB Caesar            4
D Heather             not out                                   1
W Newman                                 b Woods                0
J Sadler              c J Caesar         b Woods                5
Extras                (b 6, w 1)                                7
Total                 (all out)                                46

Godalming 2nd innings
T Craven              c Challen          b E Napper            10
J Caesar              c W Napper         b E Napper             0
J Chester             st J Newman        b Heather             14
Extras                (b 1, w 2)                                3
Total                 (3 wickets)                              27
  • The bowling is not available
  • It is not known which batsman was not out in the Godalming second innings.
  • In Shillinglee's first innings, FB Caesar was bowling to the Earl of Winterton when a swallow, crossing the play, was killed by the ball.

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