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Other matches, 1868
Modern v Classical
Clifton College
23,25,26 May 1868

Result: Match drawn

Toss: unknown

Modern innings
WE Fox                                   b Hall                 2
J Fox                                    b Goodwyn              0
AT Taylor             run out                                   2
AJ Bush               c Moor             b Tylecote            49
CR Deare              run out                                   0
GN Wilson                                b Goodwyn              5
CB Barstow            c Tylecote         b Goodwyn              2
A Cross                                  b Tylecote            20
FGA Wiche             c Boyle            b Tylecote             1
Warner                c Cross            b Goodwyn              0
Beattie               not out                                   4
Extras                (b 9, lb 1, w 5)                         15
Total                 (all out)                               100

Classical innings
EFS Tylecote          not out                                 404
IJK Snow              st Bush            b Wilson               1
WCF Cross             c Barstow          b Warner              30
ENP Moor              c Wilson           b Bush                 8
FW Goodwyn            c Wilson           b Taylor              52
SN Fox                c Taylor           b Bush                25
HJ Bodington          c Taylor           b Wilson              42
HS Hall                                  b Bush                11
CE Lyon               c Taylor           b Bush                 9
GE Bird               c Beattie          b Bush                10
EM Goodman            not out                                   8
Extras                (b 16, lb 4, w 10)                       30
Total                 (9 wickets)                             630
  • Clifton College practice match, not first-class
  • Played over three afternoons
  • Tylecote scored 1 seven, 5 fives, 21 fours, 39 threes, 42 twos and 87 ones - all run except for one four hit out of the ground.
  • Tylecote batted for approximately 6 hours
  • Tylecote's innings started on the first day, and he was 34* at close
  • On the second day (afternoon) Tylecote went from 34* to 199*
  • Tylecote had a partnership of over 100 with both Cross (second wicket) and Goodwyn (and exactly 100 with Hall)

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