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Yorkshire Wanderers in Netherlands, 1893
All Holland v Yorkshire Wanderers
11,12 August 1893 (2-day match)

Result: Yorkshire Wanderers won (see notes below)


Yorkshire Wanderers 1st innings
JB Hatt                                  b Tromp de Haas        2
SR Jackson                               b Posthuma             8
H Leadbeater                             b Tromp de Haas       17
H Ostler                                 b Tromp de Haas       21
WK Ingham                                b Posthuma             2
E Hill                lbw                b Posthuma             5
JP Cooke                             c & b Tromp de Haas        3
+HB Grotrian                             b Posthuma             6
E Peate               c Posthuma         b Tromp de Haas        3
WH Ramsay                                b Posthuma             0
R Baker               not out                                   0
Extras                (w 2)                                     2
Total                 (all out)                                69

All Holland 1st innings
EA Hoeffelman                            b Leadbeater           6
C de Groot                               b Peate               21
C Feith               not out                                  44
PR Tromp de Haas      c sub (Greaves)    b Leadbeater          41
A Eyken               lbw                b Leadbeater           1
CJ Posthuma                              b Peate                1
AJ Küpfer                                b Peate                0
MH van Oosterzee      st Grotrian        b Peate                5
WF Proost                                b Peate                6
C Rouffaer                               b Peate                0
D van den Berg                           b Peate                1
Extras                (b 6, w 8, nb 1)                         15
Total                 (all out)                               141

Yorkshire Wanderers 2nd innings
JB Hatt                                  b van den Berg         2
SR Jackson                               b Posthuma             2
H Leadbeater                             b van den Berg        13
H Ostler              c Eyken            b Posthuma             9
WK Ingham                                b Posthuma            13
E Hill                not out                                  40
JP Cooke              lbw                b Posthuma            10
+HB Grotrian                             b Posthuma             1
E Peate                                  b Posthuma            14
WH Ramsay                                b Posthuma             0
R Baker               not out                                   1
Extras                (b 4, lb 4)                               8
Total                 (9 wickets)                             113

All Holland 2nd innings
EA Hoeffelman         not out                                   1
C Feith                                  b Peate                6
PR Tromp de Haas                         b Peate                2
A Eyken                                  b Peate                0
CJ Posthuma                              b Peate                5
AJ Küpfer             st Grotrian        b Peate                3
MH van Oosterzee      c Hatt             b Peate                4
WF Proost             c Ostler           b Peate               13
C Rouffaer            c Ostler           b Peate                4
D van den Berg        lbw                b Peate                3
C de Groot            absent                                    -
Extras                (b 2)                                     2
Total                 (all out)                                43

  • Bowling figures not available. PR Tromp de Haas 5-35. E Peate 7-51 and 9-24.

  • Although the scorecard appears to indicate All Holland scored more runs, this match is referred to in all available NCB documentation as won by Yorkshire Wanderers. It is unknown where the scorecard is in error. Possibly All Holland batted first and the Yorkshire Wanderers 2nd innings total should be at least 116/9.

  • Source has C de Groot DNB, but NCB records show All Holland 2nd innings was 43ao.

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 Source: Cricket: A Weekly Record Of The Game, Sept. 21, 1893
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