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Gentlemen of Holland in England, 1901
Gentlemen of the Marylebone Cricket Club v Gentlemen of Holland
7,8 August 1901 (2-day match)

Result: Gentlemen of the Marylebone Cricket Club won by an innings and 53 runs


Close of Play:

  • Day 1:
    Gentlemen of Holland 1st innings
    JC Schröder                              b Grant               16
    A Broese van Groenou                     b Ellison              1
    C Feith                                  b Bethune             22
    EGS Bourlier                             b Grant                0
    FJW Rincker                              b Bethune             10
    AA Diemer Kool        c Grant            b Morgan               6
    KWA Beukema                              b Bethune              0
    HCA van Booven        st WH Brain        b Bethune              6
    CJ Posthuma           st WH Brain        b Bethune              2
    H Dubois              lbw                b Bethune              0
    JWG Coops             not out                                   1
    Extras                                                          2
    Total                 (all out, 24.5 overs)                    66
    FoW: ?
    Bowling                      O      M      R      W
    Ellison                      6      0     24      1
    Grant                        9      2     25      2
    Bethune                      6.5    3     11      6
    Morgan                       3      1      4      1
    Gentlemen of the Marylebone Cricket Club 1st innings
    J Cranston            c Feith            b Rincker              0
    JH Brain              c Posthuma         b Rincker             30
    W Trask               c Rincker          b Posthuma            30
    CE Dunlop             c Schröder         b Rincker              4
    Rev.E Allison                            b Posthuma            12
    +WH Brain             c Bourlier         b Rincker             12
    H Kemble                                 b Posthuma             8
    E Hall                c Beukema          b Rincker             14
    W Morgan              c Schröder         b Rincker             34
    E Grant                              c & b Rincker              1
    Bethune               not out                                  14
    Extras                                                         14
    Total                 (all out, 48.1 overs)                   173
    FoW: ?
    Bowling                      O      M      R      W
    Rincker                     24.1    1     80      7
    Posthuma                    24      1     79      3
    Gentlemen of Holland 2nd innings
    JC Schröder           lbw                b Bethune              2
    A Broese van Groenou  st WH Brain        b Bethune             19
    C Feith               st WH Brain        b Bethune              8
    EGS Bourlier                             b Bethune              5
    FJW Rincker                              b Bethune              0
    AA Diemer Kool        st WH Brain        b Bethune              0
    KWA Beukema                              b Bethune              1
    HCA van Booven                           b Bethune              4
    CJ Posthuma                              b Bethune              5
    H Dubois              not out                                   1
    JWG Coops                                b Bethune              0
    Extras                                                          4
    Total                 (all out, 25 overs)                      49
    FoW: ?
    Bowling                      O      M      R      W
    Bethune                     13      6     18     10
    Trask                       12      2     27      0

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