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Australia in England, 1902

Victor Trumper's Eleven Centuries

101 - Surrey, at Kennington Oval, May 13
Trumper, at 185, completed the century, after batting two hours and a half. He scored only another run, and then was secured off Hayward - a smart catch low down in the slips, Hayes in effecting it falling forward. He had been favored by luck in the two unaccepted chances which he offered to Hayward in the slips off Richardson; yet he had played some brilliant all-round cricket, his 101 - subscribed out of 187 in two hours and thirty-five minutes - including nine 4's, nine 3's, and ten 2's. - "Sportsman."
121 - Oxford University, May 22
Trumper completed his second century of the tour in an hour and a half out of 168 ... The second century was completed with only one wicket down in seven minutes under two hours, the last hundred having been obtained in 65 min. Trumper had a further life when one hundred and seventeen, skying a ball from Kelly on the on-side, Whately at mid-on getting it into his hands but letting it drop. Happily for the fieldsman's peace of mind the mistake was not a costly one, as at 213, having only raised his contribution to one hundred and twenty-one, Trumper was well caught at cover-point, after batting a couple of hours for his brilliant innings, which included fifteen 4's, half a dozen 3's, and twelve 2's. The partnership with Hill for the second wicket had yielded 105 in 65 minutes. - "Sportsman."
105 - M.C.C. and Ground, at Lord's, May 27
For the third time in the tour Trumper managed to place three figures against his name, reaching the century after a stay of a couple of hours, his proportion being one hundred and one out of 174. Five minutes later, with his contribution raised to one hundred and five and the total to 182, he was bowled middle stump by a good length ball from Hearne. Nothing in the shape of a chance marred his fine, free innings, which included as its principal strokes eleven 4's, a 3, and five 2's. - "Sportsman."
128 - Cambridge University, June 9 and 10
Trumper, with the total 211, completed three figures for the fourth time in the tour, having then been at the wickets two hours and a half. he stayed another thirty minutes, and then, going out to a slow one from Dowson, fell to the vigilance of Winter behind the sticks. he claimed one hundred and twenty-eight out of 252, which three hours cricket had produced - a fine innings but for a possible c and b at the outset, and the chance of Fry at mid-on at the start of yesterday's play, both being off the bowling of E.R.Wilson. Among his strokes were eleven (... incomplete ...)
113 - England Eleven, at Bradford, June 26
The batting honors on the Colonial side were carried off by Duff and Trumper, who came together when matters were going very badly with the Cornstalks on Thursday morning - Darling, Noble, Hill, and Hopkins having all been sent back with 35 on the board - and by splendid cricket completely turned the tables on the attacking party. In an hour and fifty minutes they increased the total to the extent of 191 before Trumper was bowled by Knutton round his legs. The outgoing batsman was responsible for half the score of 226 at the time he left, and the only blemish in his display was a sharp chance to Snowden, at point, when he had made 61. Trumper had the satisfaction of reaching his 1000 runs during this innings. - "Sportsman."
104 - England (4th Test), Manchester, July 24
Trumper and Duff put on 135 for the first wicket. Trumper completed his sixth century of the tour after he had been batting rather less than an hour and a quarter, having made his hundred out of 168. The total at the adjournment read 173 for one wicket, Trumper being 103 and Clem Hill 14 not out. A change came over the game on resuming, and at first it seemed likely that a Colonial collapse would be brought about by Rhodes, who shared the attack with Lockwood, bowling from the city end. The Yorkshireman in his first four overs secured three victims for 6 runs. His fifth ball saw the termination of Trumper's career, the great Australian batsman, who at first shaped as if to cut the ball, apparently changing his mind and just directing it into the hands of the wicket-keeper Lilley, who effected a very neat catch. Only a single apiece had been added to the luncheon figures, Trumper having batted five minutes under two hours for his faultless 104, the chief features of which consisted of fourteen 4's, three 3's, and half a dozen 2's. - "Sportsman."
109 - Essex, at Leyton (first innings), July 29
Apart from one man, the Australians gave a most disappointing display of batting, nobody approaching Trumper in a remote degree in brilliancy of execution and mastery over the attack. This famous batsman played an innings of 109 - his seventh of three figures this tour - which in grace of style could hardly be equalled. It was noticeable that he made fewer runs than usual by his favourite method of pulling - relying chiefly upon powerful and well-kept-down drives and clean, hard cuts - and hardly once did he mis-time a ball until beaten by a beautiful breakback from Mead. It is very doubtful if the Australians have every sent over a batsman with such fertility of resources in scoring off so many good balls. Even Massie, with all his wonderful powers, had not such extraordinary aptitude in making runs by all sorts of strokes - and good ones too - as this young cricketer from New South Wales. He certainly made the batting of his colleagues look very poor stuff yesterday, and but for his brilliant innings the Australians would have been in a bad way indeed. - "Sporting Life."
119 - Essex (second innings), July 30
On Tuesday Trumper rattled up 109 in an hour and thrity-five minutes, and yesterday he was not disposed of till he had subscribed 119 out of 237 for five wickets. His runs were not made at the same pace as on the previous day, seeing that they occupied two hours and thirty-five minutes in putting together, but his contribution was again faultless and a treat to witness, by reason of its grace, ease, and brilliance. He started, however, unusually slowly, and occupied nearly 40 minutes in reaching double figures. He was dismissed leg-before. His great and faultless innings of 119 included seventeen 4's (one a grand drive between the pavilion and stand), two 3's, and seven 2's. - "Sportsman."

Trumper, having made a huge drive over the ring between the pavilion and the stand was leg-before at 237. With seventeen 4's, two 3's, and seven 2's as his best hits, Trumper had played really superb cricket for two hours and forty minutes, never giving the slighest approach to a chance. His innings was, as it were, divided into two parts, one marked by great steadiness and considerable restraint, and other by extreme brilliancy. - "Sporting Life."

Speaking of Trumper's couple of hundreds against Essex, Mr. Home Gordon writes in "The Sportsman":- "Virgil and Dante invoked the Muse to help their pens, and some such assistance is needed to do justice to the magnificent batting of Victor Trumper. It seemed to some of us on Monday that the Australians after the test match were, excusably, taking matters a little easy. But the subsequent days showed no relaxation in the fascinating punishing powers of Trumper. Essex were a thorn in the flesh of the colonials in 1899, and if their present attack is not of the star type, it is certainly calculated to inspire respect. But apparently all attack is powerless to trouble Trumper, for as the balls kept fairly below bail-height, he proceeded to make happy havoc of them and succeeded in piling up a double century as flattering in the quality of its brilliant freedom as it is useful to his average. To convey in phrases the ease with which he played in both innings is impossible, and so admiration can only be expressed in compliments, sincere and deserved."

125 - Goucestershire, at Cheltenham, August 18
Trumper was caught off Jessop at 223, after making 125 in two hours on a wicket affected by rain. He hit 16 fours and out sixth.
127 - Players, at Harrogate, September 1 and 2
Trumper made a fine stand, and gave an attractive display. At 168 Trumper was 101 and Darling 27. It was Trumper's tenth century, and was compiled in 95 minutes. Trumper, when 127, was stumped off Vine. (3-127-205).
120 - South of England, at Hastings, September 10
Trumper's 120 runs were obtained in two hours, and included some splendid hits, one being a 6 and seventeen 4's. He was fourth out at 190.
Note: The above is a transcription of three columns from the souvenir of the the reception hosted by the Crown Street School (Trumper's alma mater) to honour Trumper, upon the Australian team's return.

Thanks: Trumper - The Illustrated Biography, by Ashley Mallett, McMillan (Australia) 1985.

Contributed by: murari (murari@cricinfo.com)  

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