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A reconstructed commentary log of the last three overs

by Jeff Green

Surely only a matter of time before these 2 can hit off the final 18 runs from the last 3 overs and seal a win for the South Coast side over the county champions. Pocock to continue with his rather ineffectual offspin.

41.1 Pocock to Greenidge, OUT: bowled and that's straight through him,
that probably will help Prideaux make his second century of the match.
G A Greenidge   b Pocock        68
Pocock 14.1-1-63-1
Sussex 187/2
41.2 Pocock to M A Buss, no run
41.3 Pocock to M A Buss, OUT a repeat of the first ball, maybe this
offspin is not as ineffectual as it appears
M A Buss        b Pocock        0 (2)
Pocock 14.3-1-63-2
Sussex 187/3
41.4 Pocock to Parks, two
41.5 Pocock to Parks, no run
41.6 Pocock to Parks, OUT; things are turning out rather more
interesting than I feared that's three wickets in the over, Pocock's
figures don't look too bad now.
J M Parks       c & b Pocock    2 (2)
P I Pocock 15-1-65-3
Sussex 189/4

End of over 42 (2 runs) Sussex 189/4 (16 needed from 2 overs to win)
P I Pocock 15-1-65-3
R M Prideaux    92*  MG Griffiths 0* (0)
Jackman to continue
42.1 Jackman to Prideaux, FOUR; Prideaux is having no truck with the
nonsense at the other end clearly, he wants to win this game.
42.2 Jackman to Prideaux, one; leaving it to Griffiths, but I suppose
they can't turn down any runs at this stage.
42.3 Jackman to Griffiths, no run. Can't do anything with that one.
42.4 Jackman to Griffiths, no run. Swings and misses
42.5 Jackman to Griffiths, SIX, that's a big hit well clear of the ropes
and must surely guarantee the Sussex win, just 5 more wanted
42.6 Jackman to Griffiths, no run.
End of over 43 (11 runs) Sussex 200/4 (5 needed from final over to win)
R D Jackman 13-1-62-1
R M Prideaux    97*  MG Griffiths 6* (4)

Last over to come, if Pocock can take twice as many wickets as last time
Surrey will win!

43.1 Pocock to Prideaux, OUT, That was swung hit over long on and should
have ended the match but somehow Jackman holds the catch, making up for
last over perhaps not 2 hundreds for Prideaux.
R M Prideaux    c Jackman b Pocock      97
P I Pocock 15.1-1-65-4
Sussex 200/5
Pocock on a hattrick of course now, they crossed so its Griffiths to
keep it out
43.2 Pockock to Griffiths, OUT; goes for another big hit but it takes
the Edge and Lewis catches comfortably. That's a hattrick and it's 5
wickets in 8 balls I think that's a record.
Griffiths c Lewis b Pocock 6 (5, 1*6)
P I Pocock 15.2-1-65-5
Sussex 200/6
43.3 Pocock to Morley, OUT; Good grief! Morley charges, looking to end
it with one hit misses and Long makes no mistake. That's 4 wickets in 4
balls a double Hattrick! And it is 6 wickets in 9 balls I'm sure that's
a record! It's also 5 wickets in 7 balls so if 5 in 8 wasn't this
probably is that one too!
J D Morley 0(1)
P I Pocock 15.3-1-65-6
Sussex 200/7
43.4 Pocock to Spencer, one; And a shock here Pocock Doesn't get a
43.5 Pocock to A Buss, OUT ; and he's bowled him! Someone on #cricket is
telling me that the record for 5 wickets was 6 balls and Now Pocock's
equalled it. Oh and he has 7 in 11 and that must be a record!
A Buss b Pocock 0(1)
P I Pocock 15.5-1-65-6
Sussex 201/8
43.6 Pocock to Joshi, one; Pushes to the on side and there are runs,
gets one and wants two, hoping a wild throw will go for overthrows maybe
but it doesn't it comes back to Pocock who takes time and breaks the
wicket at the bowlers end Joshi is run out! 

That's another record! 5
wickets in that over. Oh and another one I'm sure Pocock has just bowled
7 balls at 7 different batsmen! Ummm in all the excitement I'd better
tell you that the game has ended in a "tame" draw, nothing much ever
happens in first class cricket these days.
Joshi run out (Pocock) 1 (1)
Match state end game drawn

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