World Series Cup in Aust Dec 1993/Jan 1994 - South African Squad

South African Squad - WSC 93-94 in Aus - RSA,NZ,Aus

Kepler Wessels  (capt, EP)
Hansie Cronje   (v.capt, OFS)
Andrew Hudson   (Natal)
Darryl Cullinan (TVL)
Jonty Rhodes    (Natal)
Dave Callaghan  (EP)
Gary Kirsten    (WP)
Dave Richardson (EP)
Dave Rundle     (WP)
Craig Mattews   (WP)
Errol Stewart   (Natal)
Alan Donald     (OFS)
Richard Snell   (TVL)
Fanie deVilliers (N-TVL)
Pat Symcox      (Natal)

Brett Schultz (EP) * might join squad if fit by Thu 8 Dec.

Brian McMillan (WP) will miss the WSC due to surgery for
a torn ligament in his knee. Replaced by Gary Kirsten.

Thanks to Charl Gerber on r.s.c., Eug for update
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