Hong Kong Cricket Association



HKG Intl 6s 1995, Format.

Sept 30-Oct 1, 1995
Kowloon Cricket Club, Hong Kong.
Capacity: 5000

Organised by Ken Catton Enterprises Limited (Brian Catton)
Promoted by Cricket World International Limited (Papu Butani)
Sponsored by Cathay Pacific Airways Limited & The Wharf (Holding) Limited

Competing Teams: Australia, England, Holland, Hong Kong, India
                 New Zealand, South Africa, Sri Lanka, West Indies.

Format: 9 team round-robin, semi-finals and final knock-out.

Prize Money: HK$550,000 (US$70,500 approx.)
     Cup   winners - $206,250 ; runners-up - $103,125
     Plate winners - $ 61,875 ; runners-up - $ 48,125
     Bowl  winners - $ 27,500 ; runners-up - $ 20,625 ; third - $ 13,750

1994 Tournament Results:

        Cup Final  : England defeated Australia
        Plate Final: West Indies defeated South Africa
        Bowl       : 1st - India, 2nd - Hong Kong, 3rd - Pakistan

        Player of Tournament: Robin Smith (England)
        Player of Finals    : Neil Fairbrother (England)
        Most 6's in Tourney : Nolan Clarke (Holland)


RED                     BLUE                    GREEN
England                 South Africa            India
Australia               West Indies             Sri Lanka
New Zealand             Holland                 Hong Kong

Top two teams in colour groups advance to Bradman and Sobers groups.

Bradman 1 v Bradman 3           Sobers 1 v Sobers 3
Bradman 2 v Bradman 3           Sobers 2 v SObers 3
Bradman 1 v Bradman 2           Sobers 1 v Sobers 2

Winners of Bradman play winners of Sobers for the CUP
Second placed teams play for the PLATE
Third placed teams do not play again.

Teams that come third in Stage 1 (round robin stage) enter the Cowdrey
Group which plays for the BOWL:

Cowdrey 1 v Cowdrey 2
Cowdrey 2 v Cowdrey 3
Cowdrey 3 v Cowdrey 1

Winners of this group win the BOWL
 Contributed by Rohan (rohan*@*stanford.edu)