Carlton and United OD Series, Dec 1996-Jan 1997 - Schedule

Schedule: Carlton & United One Day Series, Dec 1996 - Jan 1997

December 1996
 Fri  6:        Australia v West Indies         Melbourne (D/N)
 Sun  8:        Australia v West Indies         Sydney (D/N)
 Sun 15:        Australia v Pakistan            Adelaide
 Tue 17:        Pakistan  v West Indies         Adelaide
January 1997
 Wed  1:        Australia v Pakistan            Sydney (D/N)
 Fri  3:        Pakistan  v West Indies         Brisbane (D/N)
 Sun  5:        Australia v West Indies         Brisbane
 Tue  7:        Australia v Pakistan            Hobart
 Fri 10:        Pakistan  v West Indies         Perth (D/N)
 Sun 12:        Australia v West Indies         Perth
 Tue 14:        Pakistan  v West Indies         Sydney (D/N)
 Thu 16:        Australia v Pakistan            Melbourne (D/N)

FINALS - Pakistan v West Indies

 Sat 18:        First Final                     Sydney (D/N)
 Mon 20:        Second Final                    Melbourne (D/N)
 Wed 22:        Third Final                     Melbourne (D/N)

(for finals, the day next to the scheduled day is a reserve day)

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