Hong Kong International Cricket Sixes

Draw and Schedule

The draw for the 5th annual Cathay Pacific Wheelock Natwest Hong Kong International Cricket Sixes was made this afternoon at the Excelsior Hotel in Hong Kong, with Cricket World International Executive Director Brian Catton, and Star TV's Channel V Video Jockey Alessandra conducting the event. The draw was not random, but determined by seedings issued by the Policy Committee.

The top seeds were South Africa, in a move which was said to be self-explanatory. Australia, touted as a ``powerful and able side'' were seeded second, and the Pakistani side, said to be "packed with talent" took the third seeding. This was seemingly unfair on the powerful looking New Zealand contingent, who were relegated to 4th spot in the seedings, but the committee explained this by pointing to the teams lack of success in previous editions of the tournament. The 5th and 6th spots went to the West Indies and India respectively, with Sri Lanka down in 7th. Several eyebrows were raised at this juncture, with most observers being of the opinion that the Sri Lankans merited a place in the top 5. England, deprived of several players due to the final round of the County Championship, took 8th spot in the seedings, with Hong Kong propping up the rest at 9th.

The Draw

Red Group Blue Group Green Group
South AfricaAustralia Pakistan
New Zealand West Indies India
Sri Lanka England Hong Kong

The top two countries in each group will then advance to the Bradman and Sobers Groups - positions to be determined by a second round of seeding. The third team in each group enters the Cowdrey Group.

The Schedule

A - Red, B - Blue, C - Green

Saturday 21st September (all times HK time which is GMT +0800)

10:00 Mini Cricket
11:30 Junior Cricket presentation
12:00 A1 vs A3
12:45 B1 vs B3
13:30 C1 vs C3
14:15 A2 vs A3
15:00 B2 vs B3
15:45 Entertainment: Steel Band Performance
16:15 C2 vs C3
17:00 A2 vs A1
17:45 B2 vs B1
18:30 C2 vs C1
19:15 Cowdrey 1 vs 3
20:00 Finish

Sunday 22nd September

08:50 Junior Cricket Match
10:00 Bradman 1 vs 3
10:45 Sobers 1 vs 3
11:30 Cowdrey 2 vs losers of C1 vs C3
12:15 Bradman 2 vs 3
13:00 Sobers 2 vs 3
13:45 Bradman 1 vs 2
14:30 Sobers 1 vs 2
15:10 Face Painting Presentation
Presentation of the HKG Cricket Team and the HKG Youth Team
Entertainment: Elvis
15:30 Cup SemiFinal 1
16:15 Cup SemiFinal 2
17:00 Bowl Cowdrey 1 vs Cowdrey 2
17:45 Bowl Presentation
17:55 Plate Final
18:40 Plate Presentation
18:50 Cup Final
19:35 Presentation and Finish

Date-stamped : 05 Sep2000 - 02:22