A peep into the past of the Trinity - Antonian series

By Peradeniya special correspondent, Victor Alahakoon

13 March 1997

The first Trinity - Antonian cricket encounter was played at Bogambara (the present Bogambara stadium) in March 1914 and was won by the Antonians. Trinity replied with a win the very next year.

The period from 1914 to 1996 records 80 matches with 22 wins for Trinity, 12 wins for the Antonians and 46 games have ended in draws. Due to the lack of certain facilities, especially the period 1918 to 1928, the war years, when the Antonian premises were occupied by the British Army, they were at a disadvantage and lost all eleven matches in a row. However in the limited overs game, the cowboy game as it is popularly called, the An- tonians have got the better of the Trinitians and lead in the series which started in 1980.

Trinity last won the big match in 1986 at Katugastota and the Antonians in 1992, also at Katugastota.

A few of the players who have done their Alma Mater's proud, in the series are among the Antonians; Jack Anderson, the batting machine at the time who scored the first century at Asgiriya and that too against Trinity. The wiles of Dickey Dunuwille a spin bowler. Dickey dominated the cricket scene in 1947-1948 and was instrumental in the 1948 win against Trinity and the turn about in the fortunes of Antonian cricket. The Antonians started per- forming well since 1948. A. C. M. Lafir 176 and Ronald Stevens two centuries in 1952 and 1954. The pair holds the highest open- ing stand 276 in (1954) in the series. S. W. Seneviratne 100 not out (1958) Charlie Joseph 127 in (1960), F. Burke 145 in (1962), Vasantha Seneviratne 110 in (1964), Ralsten Burke 165 in (1965), Randy Sims 101 in (1969), M. Dunuwille 106 in (1970), Premlal De Silva 148 in (1973), Bernard Perera 155 not out in (1976), the Doranagama Brothers and the De Alwis Brothers have all stamped their mark in the series.

The Trinitians dominated the series prior to 1948. The bowling of Percy Maralande 7 for 47 in (1919), M. D. D. Jayawardena 120 in (1922), A. N. B. Fraser 5 for 13 in (1923), L. C. de Mel 111 in (1923), R. B. Ettipola 7 for 44 in (1925), Herman Shockman 9 for 80 in (1922), C. Thalgodapitiya 6 for 10 in (1928), C. Dharmalingam the mystery bowler 9 for 74 in (1938) and 6 for 17 and 6 for 31 with a double hat-trick performed against the Antonians in (1939) is a world record in a big match. T. B. Werapitiya 100 in (1943) and 143 in (1944) is the highest for a Trinitian in the series and Beno de Silva and Eustace Rulach who bowled out the Antonians for 37 in (1951) is the lowest score in the series.

Source: The Daily News

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