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Which Batting Spot Will Lara Take?

The Nation

January 29 1998

BRIAN LARA wouldn’t reveal whether he would be batting at No. 3 or 4 in the first Test and said the scoreboard would answer the question.

“The position hasn’t been decided yet,” Lara said. “When we do go to bat, everybody will be happy with the position they’re batting in.”

“We’ll reserve that for the scoreboard,” he added. “When you see it on the scoreboard, you’ll know that this is going to be the batting line-up.”

As he was speaking to the Press in the George Headley Stand, he was unaware the scoreboard on the opposite side of the ground not only had the relevant order but the full eleven as well – for both teams.

Lara was at No.4, Shivnarine Chanderpaul at No.3. The team as it appeared was Campbell, S. Williams, Chanderpaul, Lara, Hooper, Adams, D. Williams, Bishop, Ambrose, Rose and Walsh.

England’s was Atherton, Stewart, Crawley, Thorpe, Hussain, Hollioake, Russell, Caddick, Fraser, Headley and Tufnell.

Lara said he had told all his batsmen it was important for them all to “realise their responsibilities”.

“What we are stressing on is partnerships, not one individual getting a big score,” he said.

He also acknowledged his role as key batsman.

“It’s important for me to score, for me to realise my responsibilities as one of the batsmen in the team and to go out there and give a good account of myself,” he said.

Lara, who replaced Walsh as team captain after the 3-0 series defeat in Pakistan, may have other things to worry about other than his form and the pitch.

He can expect an indifferent reception from the crowd in the popular Walsh’s hometown.

‘‘Boo Lara campaign heats up,’’ read a headline in the Daily Observer newspaper Tuesday.

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