T&T tributes for Walsh

The Gleaner

January 28, 1998

CRICKET: Citizens for a Better Trinidad and Tobago (CBTT) and that island's Concrete Stand Possee plan to honour former West Indian captain Courtney Walsh during the second Test in that nation which starts on February 13.

The CBTT praised Walsh as ``a very good role model for all young cricketers to follow''.

``The West Indies and Jamaican fast bowler has shown great courage and strength in the face of adversity. His promise of unequivocal support for Brian Lara's captaincy has won him great respect and admiration in the Caribbean and throughout the cricketing world,'' a release from the CBTT said.

CBTT, a non government organisation, further stated: ``Mr. Walsh's sane actions and comments since being replaced as captain of the West Indies team have brought out the outstanding qualities of the true Jamaican.

``Cricket lovers in Jamaica are mature enough to put aside insularity and support Brian Lara on Thursday as he tries to catapult the West Indies team to the helm of international cricket.

``We want our brothers and sisters in Jamaica to know that we genuinely support their national soccer team at this year's World Cup in France. The Jamaican team has made all West Indians proud.''

The Concrete Stand Possee will break tradition and honour a non-national of T&T by giving Walsh a commemorative plaque at their gala luncheon at the Queen's Park Oval on Sunday, February 15.

The Possee hopes ``their recognition of the tireless contribution of this outstanding West Indian cricketer and leader will help the region to rise above the petty, insular attitude that all too often infiltrates the outlook of many West Indian cricket supporters''.

Source: The Jamaica Gleaner

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