A century for Walsh

The Jamaica Gleaner

27 February 1998

CRICKET: Jamaica's fastbowler Courtney Walsh celebrates his 100th Test match today when, as expected, he represents the West Indies in the fourth Test against England at Bourda.

The Jamaica captain and former West Indies captain will be presented with an award to commemorate the occasion before the start of play by the West Indies Cricket Board for what chief executive officer Stephen Camacho yesterday described as ``a wonderful feat for one who has represented the West Indies with dignity, who has truly performed outstandingly, done a yoeman's job, and who has made a tremendous contribution to West Indies cricket.''

After 99 Test matches, Walsh, on 362 wickets, is 15 away from becoming the leading West Indies wicket-taker of all time.

``I am looking forward to it,'' said Walsh yesterday afternoon. ``Everyone is talking about it, and of course, I am a bit nervous. Once the game gets started anyway, the pressure will be off, and I will be OK.''

What would Walsh like most of all on this special day?

``I would love to see the West Indies win the Test match and go twoone up in the series. If that happens, if I can get some wickets and make a contribution to the victory, that would be great for me. It would make my day.

Source: The Jamaica Gleaner

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