Courtney- A man of quality

January 15, 1998

CRICKET: The decision by Courtney Walsh to make himself available to represent the West Indies in the coming Test series against England is hardly a surprise. Nothing less was expected from a cricketer who loves the game and who has always been a credit to the game.

Over the years, Walsh has been a true servant to the game - a player who, despite his outstanding achievements and his greatness, has always been ready to represent his country, Jamaica, his region, the West Indies, and even on the day after returning home from a long tour, his club Melbourne.

Regardless of what some considered good reasons to have said no, to have refused the call to play would have been uncharacteristic of Walsh - not only because he loves the game so much, not only because West Indies cricket has always been close to his heart, but because in doing so he would have been saying no to his colleagues of so many years and so many battles, and to those who followed him onto the field, fought with him through thick and thin, from whom he expected their best, and who were loyal to him.

In resisting the temptation to say no, by deciding to play his part in what the West Indies hope will be the start of the drive back to the top, Courtney Walsh has once again demonstrated his quality and class.

``You don't have to be a captain to play the game,'' said Walsh yesterday.

That is quality, that is class, and every Jamaican should be proud of a great, unselfish Jamaican. In fact, every West Indian should be proud of a great West Indian - on and off the field

Source: The Jamaica Gleaner

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Date-stamped : 25 Feb1998 - 18:41