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Cricket Patrons Told: Stay Off Field

The Nation

February 5 1998

THE WEST Indies Cricket Board (WICB) is introducing a new security code, which includes measures to prevent fans from running onto the playing area during a match.

In a release yesterday, the WICB said Public Service Announcements (PSAs) will be broadcast on television during the Cable and Wireless Test Series to discourage fans from going onto the ground.

The announcements, which feature West Indies cricketers, are intended to assist with the implementation of the new security standards in a report commissioned by the WICB.

A notice stating that ``persons found on the playing area during the match will be ejected'' is printed on the tickets and posted in visible locations around the grounds.

The PSAs use the slogan ``Keep up the support, but do it from the stands.''

Chief Executive Officer of the WICB Steve Camacho said that while the board recognised that most fans who ran onto the field were just over-enthusiastic, the practice still had to be stopped because of the potential dangers to players, umpires, the playing area and the fans themselves.

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