New Zealand in Australia

Test Series Prizemoney

The Australian Cricket Board has allocated a prize pool of $60,000 for the Australia v New Zealand Test series.

For each Test:

Winning team: $12,000
Losing team: $5,000
Draw: In the event of a draw, the $17000 in match prizemoney will go into a pool to be distributed at the end of each series.

Series prizemoney:

The draw pool: Any prizemoney pooled as a result of drawn Tests will be halved: 50% allocated on batting performance, and 50% allocated on bowling performance.
The team with the faster batting rate will receive 2/3 of the batting pool and the other side the remaining 1/3. Likewise the team with the faster bowling rate will receive 2/3 of the bowling pool and the other team 1/3.

Bonus to Australian team: The ACB has provided a bonus of $100,000 to the Australian team in the event of a series win over New Zealand.

Player awards:

Player of the Match: $3000 and an Ansett Australia trophy.
Player of the Series: Prize from the sponsors Ansett Australia to the value of $10000 including a trip for two to Kuala Lumpur.All amounts given are in Australian currency.

Source: Australian Cricket Board.

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Date-stamped : 25 Feb1998 - 18:44