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Bhogle puts on the dog!

Sports Reporter

Sunday, May 24, 1998

Bangladesh's Khalid Mahmud was dubbed a ``bulldog'' on ESPN by Indian television commentator Harshe Bhogle during yesterday's one-day international against Kenya at Madras, but perhaps in good jest.

Responding to co-adjutor Sanjay Manjrekar's leading query into around Kenya's 30th over that the bowler Mahmud was Bhogle's favourite player, the latter consented, adding that Mahmud was like a bulldog, always up to something.

Sometime later, Bhogle said he was surprised because his colleagues in the box and the production team had expressed their ``amazement'' when he called Mahmud a bulldog because, according to him, this was a compliment to Mahmud's positive approach to the game. Quipped Manjrekar from the side, ``That's because people usually associate that with someone's looks''. Bhogle was quiet.

Think before you bark the next time, Bhogle.

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Date-stamped : 24 May1998 - 18:24