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Real Audio Commentary

CricInfo broadcasted text-based commentary over Internet Relay Chat on channel #cricket on Starlink Network server irc.cricket.org during the days of competition, Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 September 1997.

We were also able to bring to you live audio coverage of the tournament. With RealAudio you were be able to hear commentary on the tournament, as well as live int erviews with many of the world's cricketing stars.

Interviews with the following players were conducted during the two days of tournament action, and you can now read the transcripts of their answers to questions posed by cricket fans from all over the world!

All the audio commentary has been archived and is currently being stored on the Netvertizing RealAudio commentary site. Right now you can hear the commentary from the two days in hour-by-hour segments:

Saturday 27 September 1997 Sunday 28 September 1997
Coming soon will be a much easier way to hear the audio commentary for each individual game and interview, so you can choose to listen to exactly what you want.

Date-stamped : 04 Sep2000 - 00:10