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In conjunction with CricInfo Interactive we present this feedback forum on past and present Hong Kong Sixes. You've seen the matches, followed the commentary, heard the audio: Have your say on the 1997 Hong Kong Sixes!

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Fri Sep 26 16:31:59 EDT 1997
Message from Suhaibsait@mailcity.com (Suhaib Sait)

i remembered india went into the semi-finals and lost it... it was big disappointment... this year india will win in this tournament... best of luck indian cricketers....

Wed Sep 17 20:21:43 EDT 1997

It was something great to watch, rather a very exciting game which has sweet memories, especially the game of Pakistan and India which we Indians won it through a narrow passage as narrow as a needle, thanks to the current all-rounder Robin Singh. No mat ter what kind of cricket it is, it always glow when the rival nations meet and in my case glow is not the word when the Indians win it. How could I forget the slogans that spice up the cricket game, I would like to contribute one as I won't be there.. "W hen Pakis bat Indians field, when Indians bat the Pakis r on the search for the ball, out of the stadium in the field."

Sun Sep 14 21:07:11 SAT 1997
Message from chris.james.cruickshank@dial.pipex.com (James Cruickshank)

I have found the past Sixes tournament very exciting and enjoyable to watch. It gives young strokemakers in the game a good chance to make a name for themselves. It shows up batsmen who cannot bowl. I don't think that it is a good idea to have Test bat smen playing in the Sixes tournaments - it might give them ideas for their next Test match!

It is good when batsmen really get going and smash all the bowlers around the park. It is even better that with a bit of luck, No 11 batsmen can hit high class bowlers for 6.

The Sixes are quite fun and provide light relief from the hard Test matches.

Fri Sep 12 01:12:00 EDT 1997
Message from isd2@hnb.net (Chanaka Wirasinha)

Last years competition saw Sri Lanka needing 6 to win off the last ball with Russel Arnold at the crease and Kiwi Simon Doull bowling. Arnold pulled SL to victory ... great match - the making of a young man! In fact in the next match, he cover drove (off the back foot - mind you!) Allan Donald for SIX as well. In fact Mahela Jayawardena was also a team member and caught the catch of the tournament - Adrian Kuiper (in his last innings for SA) at Deep Square Leg. Good luck to them both.

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