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Australia brings out big guns
26 August 1997
New T&T/Cathay Pacific Hong Kong International Cricket Sixes Media Release

Organisers are delighted to announce a powerful Australian squad to compete in the sixth New T&T/Cathay Pacific Hong Kong International Cricket Sixes tournament. The team includes captain, Steve Waugh, his brother Mark and the prolific all-rounder, Brendo n Julian. The full squad is:

  1. Steve Waugh (Captain) - New South Wales
  2. Mark Waugh - New South Wales
  3. Ryan Campbell - Western Australia
  4. Michael Di Venuto - Tasmania
  5. Ian Harvey - Victoria
  6. Brendon Julian - Western Australia
  7. Andrew Symonds - Queensland

Brian Catton, Executive Director of Cricket World International, brimmed with excitement and enthusiasm at the strength of this team. "The Australian Cricket Board have done us proud, showing wonderful support for the Hong Kong Sixes. The Waugh broth ers stand amongst the top five stars in world cricket and their presence will be an irresistible magnet for the fans. With Brendon Julian also in the line up we're in for some dramatic cricket."

Supporting this trio of top players are emerging stars ready to pounce on a Test place should a spot become available. Tipped as a player with the brightest of futures is Michael Di Venuto, a 20-year-old star from Tasmania. Experts reckon he has at least all the talent of Ricky Ponting, with the added bonus of time on his side. Michael made his One Day International debut for Australia in 1996 against South Africa and has already played five internationals. He is definitely a batsman to watch.

Another hugely gifted and run-hungry batsman is Andy Symonds, the ex-Gloucester and possible England player. Enjoying dual nationality, Andy has elected to play for Australia and the smart money will be on him to hit the most Sixes in this competition. An dy's controversial background will also stimulate further conversation amongst cricket fans.

Completing the never-ending list of impressive and talented youngsters from Australia are Ian Harvey and Ryan Campbell. Campbell is lurking in the wings when Ian Healy finally steps down and Harvey comes to Hong Kong as an all-rounder also on the fringe o f the Test team.

Organisers also announced the revised name of the Sixes tournament. It is now to be known as New T&T/Cathay Pacific Hong Kong International Cricket Sixes, the two co-sponsors reversing the order of their names in the event title.

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