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Pakistan squad announced
18 September 1997
New T&T/Cathay Pacific Hong Kong International Cricket Sixes Media Release

Organisers announced today a power packed team from Pakistan to compete in the sixth New T&T/Cathay Pacific Hong Kong International Cricket Sixes. The team is:
  1. Wasim Akram (Captain)
  2. Basit Ali
  3. Sajid Ali
  4. Naeem Ashraf
  5. Zahoor Elahi
  6. Asif Mujtaba
  7. Aamer Sohail
Brian Catton, Executive Director of Cricket World International was delighted with the Pakistan Board's announcement "Well, we can't ask for much better than this, it's tremendous. Wasim Akram's presence is a huge boost for the tournament. So is th at of Aamer Sohail and Basit Ali, two world class cricketers. The team is completed by Zahoor Elahi talented opening batsman against Australian in the last One Day International series and another three international players, Sajid Ali, Naeern Ashraf and Asif Mujtaba. Sajid played in the Hong Kong Sixes last year as did Basit Ali."

Organisers revealed that Wasim became available after they discovered that he was in the last stages of recovery from a shoulder injury. He made it clear that he wanted to play in the Sixes as part of his come back plans and he advised his board accordin gly. Akram has always held the Sixes in high regard and he commented.

"The players all love playing in this tournament. We've competed in the Sixes before, it is a great event and we're looking forward to coming back. I think we have a chance of winning the whole competition again." Pakistan last won the tourname nt in 1992.

Organisers also acknowledged that, in light of the strength of the Pakistan team, it was not now worth pursuing an Asian All Star team. Papu Butani, Executive Director of Cricket World International said "Wasim Akram and his team of stars will set t he Stadium alight. The big names of cricket will be in town which is terrific news for the tournament."

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