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Most runs scored by an individual in the tournament, best batting averages, best strike rates and best individual batting performances in a match.
Most wickets taken by an individual in the tournament, best bowling averages, best economy rates, best bowling figures and most economical overs by individuals in a match.
Best partnerships set for each wicket.
Match Statistics
Highest team scores, lowest team scores, highest match aggregates, lowest match aggregates, largest victories and closest margins.
Miscellaneous Statistics
Most Sixes hit, most Fours hit, most total boundaries hit and most catches taken.
Summary and Points
Final summary of all results in each group with points tables for each as well as the final placings for each country.
Country Statistics
Individual tournament statistics for each player for each country: Australia, Bangladesh, England, Hong Kong, India, Pa kistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka and West Indies.

Date-stamped : 04 Sep2000 - 00:10