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Tournament Information

Squads and Player Information

Check out all the squads for the event and follow the links to the players' information pages with all their vital statistics and profiles.
Draw and Schedule
The groups drawn and seedings are here as well as the full schedule over the two days play so you can find out exactly when your favourite teams and stars are playing.
Tournament Format
If you want to find out when and where they are playing and what prize money is up for grabs this is the place. Also ticketing information for those who will be in Hong Kong during the event.
Tournament Rules
Sixes is a very different game to the One-Day or Test variety, come here to find out all the different rules that set this game apart from the rest.
Tournament History
Don't know who won the Sixes before? This is the page to check out, as well as all of the results from the past 4 tournaments and the stars who have been featured in this showcase of new and old talent over the years.
Tournament Sponsors and Organisers
We must say a big thank you to all the sponsors and organisers, without whose support there simply would be no annual Hong Kong Sixes to enjoy.

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