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Pepsi International Double Wicket Tournament, 1997-98


The competition shall be played according to the Laws of Cricket 1980 as from time to time laid down by the ICC as amended and adopted by the organizers, in terms of its Bye-Laws save and except for the international specific-provisions which shall apply in respect of the competition.
  1. The competition shall comprise two groups each of four-teams of two players each.
  2. Each team taking part in the competition shall play each of the other teams in its group i.e. three matches.
  3. Each match in the competition shall be decided by each team playing one innings and the winner shall be deemed to be the team scoring the most runs in such innings. The team batting second must play their full quota of overs.
  4. Each innings shall consist of six-six ball overs with each member of the fielding team bowling three alternate overs. However, the semi-finals, will be of 8-overs and the final will be 10-overs a -side. It remains the umpires prerogative to reduce the number of overs per innings if necessary.
  5. During each innings the two members of the batting team shall play according to the normal rules of the cricket as set out above, except that each team will complete his quota of 6 overs irrespective of their batsmen dismissals. However each of his dismissals would cost deduction of 10 runs. For Group matches the fielding side must bowl their quota of overs i.e. 6 overs in 25 minutes. The time for the semi-finals will be 32 minutes and the final will be 40 minutes. In case the fielding side not completing their quota of overs in specific time. I.e. if they bowl 1 over short they would be entitled to bat the same number of overs which they bowl to the other team. 10 minutes break will be observed between each innings.
  6. The Pitch will be rolled in between sessions.
  7. Short pitch bowling: If the, ball passes or would have passed above the shoulder heights of the striker standing up right at the crease, either umpire shall call and signal no ball.
  8. The matches to be played in the competition are set out in the fixture list which indicates the times when an innings in each match is to commence.
  9. There shall be a pool of balls provided by the organizers from which, at the commencement of each match, the fielding side shall choose a ball. Only one ball may be used for each match, The Umpires officiating in any particular innings authorize a similar substitute ball which shall only be so authorized in the circumstances set out in the Laws of Cricket.
  10. At the conclusion of the group matches two semi-finals will be played as under:
    1. Top team of Group A with second team of Group B.
    2. Top team of Group B with second team of Group A.
  11. These Rules and the order of play may be varied from time to time should the Tournament Committee at its discretion deem it desirable or necessary. The Tournament Committee's decision shall be final.
  12. Fielding restrictions: For the first three overs for pool matches, four overs for semi-finals and five overs for final not more than 2 fielders will be out side the 30-yards circle, for the remaining overs there must be four fielders in the circle at the instant of delivery. There may not be less than three fieldsmen and not more than five fieldsmen on the leg side, at the instant of delivery.
  13. Support Fielders/Wicket Keeper: Each team, when fielding, shall be provided with eight fielders and a wicket keeper.
  14. For the fielding purposes 20 fielders including two wicket-keepers will be selected out of current first class cricketers who will be rotated after each match. For the final match the wicket keeper will be selected with the mutual consent of "playing pair". In case of disagreement the keeper will be decided through draw of lot. In case the wicket keeper injured himself he will be replaced by the other wicket keeper.
  15. Injuries/iliness to playing pairs: In the opinion of umpires in case of injury/illness to a batsman and being unable to continue his innings, the remaining balls/overs will be played by his other partner alone, with the help of a runner. And in the event of a bowler breaking down due to unavoidable circumstances and being unable to complete an over/overs, the remaining balls/overs will be bowled by his other partner.
  16. Inclement Weather: In case scheduled group match/matches could not be played due to inclement weather, natural disaster or other unforeseen circumstances these will be played on the following day as Day match/matches. In case it is not possible to play the match on the following day, 1-point each will be awarded to both the teams. In case schedule Group match/matches not completed due to unavoidable circumstances both the teams will be awarded 1 point each.
  17. In case scheduled semi-finals is not played/completed it will be decided by the spin of the coin. In case scheduled final is not played/completed, both the teams will be declared joint winner of the tournament and the prize money will be shared equally between them.
  18. Points Scoring:
    1. The team winning each match shall be awarded two points for each such victory and the defeated team shall be awarded no points. In the event of each team obtaining an equal number of runs in any particular match the winner will be decided on the basis of, the loss of lesser number of wickets (dismissals), if still equal then both the teams shall be awarded 1 point each.
    2. If at the conclusion of the league matches, the teams having equal number of points then the winner will be decided as follows:
      1. Team which was winner in league match against that team.
      2. Team which had scored most valid runs in all matches.
      3. Team with better net run rate, ( A team's net run rate is calculated by deducting from the average runs per over scored by that team throughout the competition, the average runs per over scored against that team throughout the competition.
  19. Sponsor's logo/commercial logos: Logos size and rules will be as per the organizers decision. No commercial logo will he worn by players except those one approved and provided by the organizers of the tournament.
  20. Code of conduct: ICC Code of Conduct will be applicable in all matches. Any breach of tile rules/conduct will be reported to players Board.

Source: Pakistan Cricket Board

Contributed by Suhael Ahmed (

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Date-stamped : 29 Apr1998 - 10:22