Dhaka, Oct-Nov 1998

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Day 10: Sun 1 November

CricInfo multimedia manager Rohan Chandran gives
us his daily view of the Wills International Cup...

Well, all good things come to an end, and if good things must end, then so must this diary. It's been a brilliant fortnight (or ten days, or whatever) here in Dhaka, and I for one am sorry to see it finish.

The end hasn't come to soon for Alex though. He had a good laugh at me for having a dodgy tummy the other morning, but it's him who's in pieces now. I regret to say however, that it is bringing me no enjoyment whatsoever. Serves him right in a way though. He's been complaining about his back all week, insisting that he can't carry any of our equipment, and leaving Travis and I to do all the dirty work (Simon and Badri are of course not involved in the menial tasks), but it seems to fix itself anytime there's a need to get in front of a camera. Just one of those quirky things I suppose.

I don't think it helped matters that not one, but two people this week, have asked Alex for his autograph. Needless to say, he didn't hesitate to oblige them on either occasion. Nobody asked me for my autograph, but the way things are going, I'll be more notorious than I ever wanted to be.

Speaking of Alex, I owe Alex Tudor a bit of an apology. It was the middle of the night in Dubai, and that's my only excuse for confusing him with Dean Headley - it was Headley whom I caught walking shoe-less, not Tudor. At least he could do his tie up though, unlike our very own Badri, who this morning had to seek the assistance of first Alex, and then Travis, to help him out in that regard.

Anyway, all that remains is the soft and soppy ending, custom made for Trav. Thanks to those of you who've read this and sent in feedback - most of it has actually been very positive. There were a lot of different things I wanted to do with this diary, but out of neccessity it became just an extra little lark on the side, which restricted it's scope somewhat. Still, I enjoyed writing it, and I hope you enjoyed reading it. Thanks also to the cast and crew - i.e. those poor souls who have allowed me to take the mickey at their expense - you've all been brilliantly sporting about it.

Until next time, if there is one and I don't get sued for slander in the interim.

Previous diary entries:
Rohan Chandran is CricInfo's Multimedia Manager and is on site in Dhaka with four other CricInfo management for the duration of the tournament

Date-stamped : 23 Oct2002 - 19:06