Blind World Cup, November 1998
World Cup Cricket
for the Blind

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Awards Presentation

Press Release

Mr. Madhav Rao Scindia, Patron, World Cup Organising Committee, and Mr Sunil Gavaskar, Patron of ACBI were received by Mr George Abraham. Shri Gaurav Goenka and Mr Pradeep Malgi presented them with bouquets respectively. The two guests of honour were subsequently presented with the mascot, 'Gulu', by Shri Siddharth Sharma and Atul Sahai respectively.

Mr Ashok Pradhan, Chairman ITDC, awarded the Kanishka Man of the Finals prize to Rury Field and Scott Field of South Africa.

This was followed by Madhav Rao Scindia awarding the participation certificates to Mr S K Bansal and Mr Nitesh on behalf of the umpires and volunteers respectively. He later presented the Pro Call special prize of Rs 20,000 to the Indian Team Captain Mr Anand Sharma and manager of the Indian Team. Pro Call provided the entire requirement of walkie-talkies during the World Cup Cricket for the Blind. The Pro Call Boundary King for the man who has hit maximum number of boundaries in this tournament was bagged by Rury Field of South Africa for hitting 95 boundaries.

Mr Sunil Gavaskar was now requested to distribute Rs 3000 each to the following best batsmen and bowlers.

(A) Best batsmen of the first World Cup

B1 (Totally blind) Balaji Damour (India) 126 runs inclusive of 2 fifties
B2 (Partially blind) Rury Field (South Africa) 935 runs inclusive of 5 unbeaten centuries
B3 (Partially sighted) Masood Jan (Pakistan) 772 runs inclusive of
1 double century and 2 centuries

(B) Best bowlers of the World Cup

B1 (Totally Blind) Kevin Murray (New Zealand) 5 for 240
B2 (Partially blind) David Goodman (Australia) 6 for 168
B3 (Partially sighted) Steven Carpenter (England) 5 for 82

The first phase of prize distribution ended with a colorful band display of the defence services playing the tunes of Jai Bharathi, Astronaut, Colonel Boogey March, and Sare Jahan Se Achha.

The second phase of the prize distribution ceremony commenced with the arrival of His Excellency, the President of India, Shri K R Narayanan at 16:45 hours. The President was presented with a bouquet by the youngest cricketer of the World Cup, Lakhi Adhikari of India.

Chairman ACBI, Mr George Abraham in his welcome speech said that what the blind people need is an opportunity and given an opportunity they can do well in all fields.

Kevin Murray of New Zealand in his reflection on the World Cup said that the holding of the World Cup has given a new impact to the blind and will in the near future provide opportunity to the blind and given an opportunity they will match the sighted and excel.

The President of India Shri K R Narayanan distributed the following:

(A) Best Player of the First World Cup - (Rs 5,000 each)

B1 (Totally Blind) Balaji Damour (India) For best all round performance
B2 (Partially blind) James Dunn (New Zealand) 332 runs and 5 wickets
B3 (Partially sighted) Scott Field (South Africa) Over 750 runs, 5 centuries, 3 wickets

(B) Players of the series - (Rs 10,000)

Rury Field and Scott Field (More than 1700 runs)

(C) Runners up Trophy - (and Rs 50,000)


(D) Winners Trophy - (and Rs 100,000)


Mr D Ranganathan in his vote of thanks thanked all the sponsors and donors for their contributions and for making this event a great success.

Mr George Abraham also the Chairman of World Blind Cricket Council (WBCC) presented a momento to the President of India.

Mr Sunil Tandon, Deputy Gen Manager, National Film Development Corporation, Govt. of India was the Master of ceremony during the Prize Distribution.

George Abraham (
Chairman, World Blind Cricket Council


Date-stamped : 30 Nov1998 - 03:04