Blind World Cup, November 1998
World Cup Cricket
for the Blind

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Date   Venue
17 Nov Pakistan Sri Lanka Palam
  India England Harbaksh
  Australia New Zealand Roshanara
18 Nov England New Zealand Palam
  Australia South Africa Harbaksh
  India Sri Lanka Karnail
19 Nov India New Zealand Palam
  Australia Sri Lanka Harbaksh
  Pakistan South Africa Roshanara
20 Nov REST DAY  
21 Nov Australia England Palam
  India South Africa Harbaksh
  Pakistan New Zealand Karnail
22 Nov Sri Lanka South Africa Palam
  England Pakistan Harbaksh
  India Australia Karnail
23 Nov Australia Pakistan Palam
  Sri Lanka New Zealand Harbaksh
  England South Africa Roshanara
24 Nov South Africa New Zealand Palam
  India Pakistan Harbaksh
  Sri Lanka England Roshanara
25 Nov REST DAY  
26 Nov Semi-final 1 (Team #1 v Team #4) Palam
  Semi-final 2 (Team #2 v Team #3) Harbaksh
27 Nov REST DAY  
28 Nov FINAL Harbaksh

Teams: Australia, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka.

Format: Straight round-robin with the top four teams advancing to the semi-finals.

Venues: All in Delhi

  • Air Force Palam Ground (Palam)
  • Harbaksh Stadium (Harbaksh)
  • Roshanara Club (Roshanara)
  • Karnail Singh Stadium (Karnail)


Date-stamped : 17 Nov1998 - 07:48