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Tour Diary : Anand Vasu with Duane Pettet

This diary captures the various happenings the authors came across during CricInfo's coverage of the New Zealand tour to India. We hope the readers are given an informative and entertaining picture of the events that transpired.

Fiery food and mad movies
(5th November 1999, Rajkot)

On the 5th of November we headed out to our first One-Day international on tour. Yes we had done warm up games and yes we had done Test matches, but One-Dayers promised much. Simply in terms of the excitement at the stadium from a capacity crowd. [More]

Daniel Vettori does the trick again
(4th November 1999, Rajkot)

We woke up late as usual and headed to the stadium and tried to locate Mr. Rawal our local contact. The poor man was busy as hell at the ground buzzing about doing this and that. [More]

Rajkot meets multiple Vettoris and Jadejas
(3rd November 1999, Rajkot)

The day after the Ahmedabad Test match, it was time to find our way to Rajkot. Our history with catching early morning forms of transport did not make us brave enough to attempt taking the early morning train. [More]

A day for personalities - Jeff Crowe, Ranjan Madugalle, Clayton Tendulkar, Clayton Azharuddin, Clayton Lele and...
(2nd November 1999, Ahmedabad)

On the fifth and final day of the Test match, my health finally gave way and I told Duane to get to the ground himself and that if I felt better I might join him later in the day. [More]

Dealing with the press - the bald and the beautiful
(1st November 1999, Ahmedabad)

We both woke up on time and went to the stadium on time. Perhaps the little illness that had been plaguing us was gone after all. The Kiwis batted bravely but couldn't avoid the follow on. [More]

Cricket, above all else
(31th October 1999, Ahmedabad)

I woke up, well almost woke up at a little past seven o' clock, felt my forehead and decided to get a little more sleep. I closed my eyes, snuggled deeper into my blanket and before I realised it, it was past 9 am [More]

Sachin thrills - auto ride almost kills
(30th October 1999, Ahmedabad)

The second day of the Test match at Ahmedabad proved to be a special one for Sachin Tendulkar. The press box was abuzz with excitement as the Indian captain scored his first double hundred in Test cricket. All reports filed at the end of the day were more about Tendulkar than about the day's play. [More]

Covering cricket in the state of the Mahatma
(29th October 1999, Ahmedabad)

After leaving for the ground at what we thought was a good time, we discovered that it can take a very long time to travel the 20km from Ahmedabad to Motera where the Test match is being played. Having reached the ground just before the start of play we found our seats in the blazing hot sun. [More]

One flight missed and another taken
(28th October 1999, Delhi)

Trying to catch a flight at 5.50 in the morning when you're running a temperature of 102 degrees is never the easiest thing in the world. Add to this the fact that your partner is in the throes of flu himself and you have a rather lethal combination. [More]

Delhi blues
(27th October 1999, Delhi)

A whole day to spend at Delhi. What were we going to do? Having slept through most of the morning with flu we hit the city early in the afternoon. We found an Internet browsing centre right next to our hotel and settled down there. [More]

Rest Day
(26th October 1999, Kanpur)

The advantage of having a Test match finish in four days is that it gives everyone a day to rest and catch their breath. Boy did we rest. Duane and I woke up well after lunch time on our final day at Kanpur. We were both clearly still in the process of recovering from flu. [More]

Kiwis fall and journalists flee
(25th October 1999, Kanpur)

On the fourth day of the Kanpur Test illness claimed one serious casualty. Coupled with the fact that he could not score the match from the stadium, Duane could not muster up enough energy to come to the stadium for the first half of the day's play. [More]

CricInfo team not 100% fit on the 3rd day of the Test Match
(24th October 1999, Kanpur)

On the third day of the second Test match the Criclnfo team was close to being eliminated by a severe bout of flu. Both Duane and I had long conversations with each other that sounded approximately like this: [More]

Fleming is easily the best bowler
(22nd October 1999, Kanpur)

The day began predictably late given the late nature of the preceding night. I woke up at 9.37 for a match that began at 10.00am. Still, several pillow whackings from Duane later I scrambled out of bed and crept out of bed to the bathroom. Quick shower freshen up later we agreed to head off the ground. I was supposed to leave earlier from the hotel and head for the stadium. [More]

Cough! Cough!
(22nd October 1999, Kanpur)

The cell phone blared out its alarm as usual at 7.00 in the morning. With a deft jab from a prone position the electronic pest was silenced. A couple of hacking coughs later, with a forehead on fire I crawled right back into bed to rest a few more minutes. [More]

Kiwi nets, lost in the city and small town fame
(21st October 1999, Kanpur)

Ok. So now I'm in Kanpur. Only after getting here and reading the newspaper did I actually figure out that I was in Uttar Pradesh. But I've never been too hot on geography. The city at first glance is a bit of a put off. The streets are exactly what you would expect of a smallish North Indian city. [More]