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Colin Croft
Colin Croft
Audio reports and interviews with Colin Croft

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    3rd Final: West Indies v Pakistan, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, 23 April 2000

  • Colin Croft reports on Sunday's match (Duration: 1:26 mins)
  • Jimmy Adams "I think we were about 60 runs short of having a competitive total." (Duration: 0:51 mins)
  • Wasim Akram "I think it was a difficult one day track. We lost two quick wickets early on with the new ball. Reon King bowled really well with the new ball, he is improving day by day." (Duration: 1:29 mins)
  • Press Conference with Moin Khan, Javed Mianded and Mushtaq Ahmed. Moin Khan: "I am pleased by our performance today, it was a great effort, a combined effort. Mushtaq's bowling today was trememndous." (Duration: 2:26 mins)
  • Roger Harper "As far as the batting was concerned, I think the total we got in the end definitely wasn't enough. Even though we stuck to the task manfully and showed a lot of character in the field, it just was not enough." (Duration: 0:54 mins)

    2nd Final: West Indies v Pakistan, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, 22 April 2000

  • Colin Croft reports on the 2nd Final (Duration: 1:07 mins)
  • Jimmy Adams "When we batted it wasn't easy, but we kept wickets in hand and we were able to get a competitive total." (Duration: 8:05 mins)
  • Press Conference after the game with Moin Khan and Sherwin Campbell. Moin Khan: "We lost two wickets in the middle of the innings and that cost us the match." (Duration: 6:09 mins)

  • Roger Harper "We plan to play much better than we did in Barbados. We didn't follow through on the plans as well as we've been doing in the past. We have to try and put that right." (Duration: 1:57 mins)
  • Jimmy Adams "This will be a very good test for us as a squad. Its the first defeat that we've had since we've come together. I'm really confident in the entire squad and I'm looking forward to a very good weekend in terms of results for us." (Duration: 1:48 mins)
  • Moin Khan "The pitch looks very good and hopefully it will play the same, like in Barbados." (Duration: 1:02 mins)

    1st Final: West Indies v Pakistan, Bridgetown, Barbados, 19 April 2000

  • Wasim Akram "I think I'm going to be concentrating on my batting more... the most important thing was to win the first final." (Duration: 0:50 mins)
  • Moin Khan and Wasim Akram Moin Khan: "It was an important game, winning the first final out of three is always good. We were aiming to get about 250 runs, the pitch was playing very good, but in the middle of the innings we collapsed and in the end Wasim made a great knock for us." (Duration: 4:04 mins)
  • Jimmy Adams "There is room for improvement in every area of our cricket. The main thing is on the mental side. I'm looking forward to the entire team rising to the challenge of the next two games in Trinidad." (Duration: 2:05 mins)

    Pakistan v Zimbabwe, Queen's Park, Grenada, 15 April 2000

  • Pakistan coach Javed Miandad previews the match, comments on team selection and the amount of one-day cricket being played. (Duration: 3:11 mins)
  • Moin Khan "I'm enjoying being captain, the board is supporting me, the players are supporting me, there are no pressures on me now." (Duration: 2:35 mins)
  • Javed Miandad talks about Imran Nazir's first hundred. "I am very happy and pleased for him, he is very talented. He will go a long way if he keeps playing like that." (Duration: 2:35 mins)
  • Zimbabwe captain Andy Flower reflects on the tour. "I think we've got to accept we're a little off the mark on quality. I thought we started the tour quite well and quite confidently. We're going to have to pull ourselves back up for the England tour." (Duration: 14:22 mins)

    West Indies v Zimbabwe, first two One-Day Internationals, Jamaica, 1 & 2 April 2000

  • Andy Flower (Duration: 1:14 mins)
  • Sherwin Campbell (Duration: 1:09 mins)
  • Dave Houghton (Duration: 2:11 mins)
  • Jimmy Adams (Duration: 3:08 mins)
  • Wavell Hinds (Duration: 1:19 mins)
  • Chris Gayle (Duration: 1:18 mins)

    Previews of 1st One-Day International

  • Zimbabwe coach Dave Houghton "Generally speaking we play one-day cricket pretty well, we had a good run-up to the world cup. I don't want to come to the caribbean on my first tour and go away empty handed." (Duration: 2:30 mins)
  • Zimbabwe captain Andy Flower "I thought the crowd for the Test match was brilliant. Back home we get some reasonable crowds but they aren't as noisy and boistrous as they are here. Its a special atmosphere and all the guys are loving it." (Duration: 3:10 mins)
  • 16-year-old wicket-keeper Tatenda Taibu on touring with Zimbabwe. (Duration: 4:46 mins)
  • West Indian coach Roger Harper "The players are on a bit of a high having won the Test series, and we just have to make sure that we keep them down to earth, and they're focused and ready to play this one-day competition." (Duration: 2:49 mins)