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1999-2000 International Cricket
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Under 15 ACC Tournament, Malaysia, 30 June-9 July 2000

Hong Kong's Under 15 team comes away with valuable experience after facing up to the powerhouses of Asian cricket - Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and India. [More...]

South East Asian Championships, Singapore, 18-21 May 2000

Hong Kong failed to capitalise on the their victories over Singapore and Thailand, losing to Malaysia by 130 in the final of the South East Asian Championships. [Squad] [Summary of Results]

Asia Cup Boost for Hong Kong

A decision by the Asia Cricket Council to increase the number of qualifying places available for the Asia Cup should be a boost for Hong Kong cricket. [More...]

Youth Asia Cup

A disappointed Hong Kong team returns to the territory after watching their hopes of qualifying for the Youth World Cup washed away. Needing to beat Malaysia in their last group match at the Youth Asia Cup in order to reach the semi-final round, rain forced the match to be abandoned with Hong Kong handily placed at 81-1. In the play-off for third and fourth, Hong Kong lost to UAE by four wickets. The two finalists of the tournament qualify as Asia's representatives for the Youth World Cup, to be played in Sri Lanka in January 2000.

U15 Tuanku Ja'afar Cup

Hong Kong's under 15 cricketers reached the final of the U15 Tuanku Ja'afar Cup (a.k.a. South East Asian Championships) played at Kuala Lumpur but were defeated by Malaysia by 46 runs. Earlier in the tournament, Hong Kong had beaten Singapore but had lost to Malaysia.

U23 Tuanku Ja'afar Cup

Hong Kong performed well in the early stages of the U23 Tuanku Ja'afar Cup and victories over Malaysia 'B' and Singapore ensured they met Malaysia 'A' in the final. A combination of rain and poor batting resulted in the Malaysians cruising to an easy victory in the final.

U13 Tuanku Ja'afar Cup

Hong Kong hosted the 2000 Under 13 Tuanku Ja'afar Cup in April 2000, with Malaysia and Singapore also competing. Despite a good victory over Singapore, the hosts failed to reach the final, which was won by Malaysia.

U19 Tunaku Ja'afar Cup

Despite some good individual performances by the Hong Kong Under 19 team, including a century to Stephen Hawinkels against Malaysia 'A', Hong Kong failed to reach the final, which was again won by Malaysia.

Confirmed tournament dates:

South East Asian Championships, Singapore, 18-21 May 2000

Date Match Venue
18.5.2000 Hong Kong v. Malaysia Indian Association Hong Kong 137 (L Chan 28, A Ahmed 25; S Navaratnam 5-40) lost to Malaysia 138-4 (R Mahdavan 62, R Menon 44; J Iqbal 2-28) by 6 wkts
Singapore v. Thailand Kallang Singapore beat Thailand
19.5.2000 Singapore v. Hong Kong Kallang Hong Kong 187-3 (T Dar 70*, R Brewster 50) beat Singapore 186 (J Pieris 63, N Balasubramaniam 45; J Iqbal 4-27, S Malik 3-23, S Hussain 2-16) by 7 wkts
Malaysia v. Thailand Indian Association Malaysia beat Thailand
20.5.2000 Hong Kong v. Thailand Indian Association Hong Kong 153-2 (T Dar 54*, S Lama 55*) beat Thailand 151 (K Virender 36, K Imran 32; M Zubair 4-30, B Morley 2-22) by 8 wkts
Singapore v. Malaysia Kallang Malaysia beat Singapre
21.5.2000 FINAL
Hong Kong v. Malaysia
Kallang Hong Kong 113 (J Iqbal 42; R Menon 4-12) lost to Malaysia 243 (R Madhavan 33, S Navaratnam 49, R Selvaratnam 48, Y Imran 36; M Zubair 2-45, S Lama 4-48) by 130 runs

Hong Kong Squad
South East Asian Championships, Singapore, 18-21 May 2000

The Hong Kong squad to compete against Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand for the 2000 South East Asian Championships was announced by the Hong Kong Cricket Association.

Hong Kong squad

Sada Hussain (captain) - Pakistan Association, Riaz Farcy - JKN LSW, Tabarak Dar - JKN LSW, Louis Chan - DBS, Jawaid Iqbal - Friends XI, Sher Lama - KCC Templars, Aftab Ahmad - Friends XI, Ray Brewster - KCC Infidels, Hashmi Ali - Pakistan Association, M Zubair - JKN LSW, M Jamshaid - JKN LSW, Saleem Malik - Pakistan Association, Brett Morley - HKCC Optimists

Sada Hussain, captain of Pakistan Association, has been selected to skipper Hong Kong for the first time.

The annual quadrangular Championships will be staged in Singapore from 18-21st May with Hong Kong the defending champions. For further information please contact HKCA Operations Manager Mark Burns on 25048101.

International Youth Teams
Youth Asia Cup - Singapore, 5-11 July 1999

The Hong Kong Cricket Association announced the 14 member squad to compete for the Asian Crcket Council Youth Asia Cup to be held in Singapore from 5th to 11th July 1999, a qualifying tournament for the Youth World Cup to be played in Sri Lanka during January 2000. [ see also CricInfo's coverage of the Youth Asia Cup ]

Hong Kong Under 19 Team

Roy Lamsam (Captain), Alex French (Vice Captain), Sean Brierly, Jignesh Tailor, Grayson Tyndale, Brendon Harding, Dyutish Chaudhuri, Neeraj Savalani, Arshad Amdani, Tommy Yau, Yogesh Mathani, Danish Qureshi, Kieran Kumaria, Zubair Nizami, Lal Jayasinghe (Coach)

The Hong Kong team at the Youth Asia Cup is supported by HKSDB, the Carbine Club, Mr John Hung JP, Mr Terry Smith, Mr MT Amdani, Redland Concrete and Dr Frank Innes.


Group Matches

At Kallang (played 5/7/99): Hong Kong 110-5 from 25 overs (A French 56, R Lamsam 20, A Amdani 18) lost to Bangladesh 114-2 from 20.1 overs (H Sarkar 46*, I Ahmed 26, S Alam 15*) by eight wickets.

At CSC (played 6/7/99): Hong Kong 99-2 (G Tyndale 30, D Chaudhuri 26, A French 28*) after 23.5 overs v. UAE (match abandoned due to rain).

At IA (played 7/7/99): Hong Kong 81-1 after 20 overs v. Malaysia (match abandoned due to rain).

Plate Competition

At CSC (played 9/7/99): Hong Kong 300-7 from 50 overs (G Tyndale 85, A French 28, S Brierly 56, A Amdani 33, J Tailor 21, N Savalani 24*) beat Thailand 178-8 (A Frenach 3-17) by 122 runs.

At SCC (played 10/7/99): Hong Kong 199 from 48.4 overs (A Amdani 49, S Brierly 37, A French 19, R Lamsam 16) lost to UAE (target reduced to 195 in 48 overs after rain) 198-6 in 45 overs (J Tailor 3-30) by six wickets.

Hong Kong finished fourth in the competition.

Under 15 Tuanku Ja'afar Cup, Malaysia, 2-5 December 1999

Hong Kong Under 15 Team

Kieran Kumaria (capt), Yogesh Mathani (vc), Vinay Sajnani, Suvrat Prakash, Arun Makhija, Rishi Daryanani, Mark Barnett, Zaran Vachha, Colin Bridges, Roshan Dalani, Graeme Hawinkels, Kevin Ross, Matthew Lind, Raj Putatunda

Schedule & Summary of Results

Date Match Venue
2.12.99 Singapore v. Malaysia RSC Malaysia beat Singapore
3.12.99 Hong Kong v. Singapore RSC Hong Kong 145 (G Hawinkels 29, R Dalani 29) beat Singapore 129 (G Hawinkels 4-19, R Putatunda 2-4, V Sajnani 2-28) by 16 runs
4.12.99 Hong Kong v. Malaysia RSC Malaysia 122-9 (K Kumaria 2-26, G Hawinkels 3-26, Z Vachha 2-10) beat Hong Kong 97 (G Hawinkels 39) by 25 runs
5.12.99 Final: Malaysia v. Hong Kong RSC Malaysia 145-4 beat Hong Kong 99 (K Ross 36) by 46 runs

Under 23 Tuanku Ja'afar Cup, Malaysia 16-19 December 1999

Hong Kong Under 23 Team

Sean Brierly (Capt), Maurice Ling, Anthony Booth, Michael Wong, Danish Quershi, Tabarak Dar, Dyutish Chaudhuri, Rohan Bogani, Arshad Amdani, Zubair Nizami, Thusar Jhaveri, Damon Holmes, Adrian Watermeyer, Coach: Lal Jayasinghe, Manager: Glyn Davies

Schedule & Summary of Results

Date Match Venue
16.12.99 Malaysia 'B' v. Hong Kong RSC Hong Kong 154 (M Wong 43, S Brierly 23, M Ling 20; S Selveratnam 4-26) beat Malaysia 'B' 107 (S Prakash 36; M Ling 3-20, D Uyangoda 2-20) by 47 runs [Report]
17.12.99 Hong Kong v. Singapore Club Aman (Match reduced to 45 overs) Hong Kong 179-7 (A Booth 80*, D Chaudhuri 24, M Wong 20; S Junausz 3-13) beat Singapore 171-9 (A Thomas 57, J Dearing 24, M Shabbib 27; D Holmes 3-11, A Booth 2-45, D Chaudhuri 2-40) by 8 runs [Report]
18.12.99 Malaysia 'A' v. Hong Kong RSC Malaysia 96-1 (R Madhavan 55*) beat Hong Kong 109-6 (A Booth 48*) by 9 wkts [Report]
19.12.99 FINAL -
Hong Kong v. Malaysia 'A'
RSC (Match reduced to 30 overs) Malaysia 34-1 (M William 26*) beat Hong Kong 33-9 (A Suppiah 3-9) by 9 wkts [Report]

Reports (supplied by Team Manager - Glyn Davies)

Hong Kong v. Malaysia 'B': Hong Kong batted positively but got out due to bad running or silly shots. Lack of commitment from senior players to build strong partnerships after 3 wickets down. Michael Wong batted very well for his 43 off 30 overs in very hot conditions on a slow, low pitch. Fielding and bowling was good and bad in parts. Plenty to learn from this first game and team will have to pick up its performance level against Singapore and Malaysia 'A'.

Hong Kong v. Singapore: Much improved all round performance from the Hong Kong team. Batted very positively with Anthony Booth playing an innings of character ending not out on 80. The openers got the innings off to a solid start and then progressed from there. A good partnership of 48 between young Damon Holmes (aged 15) and Booth meant a good total was within reach. Hong Kong's bowling was very tight for the first 20 overs with only 38 runs coming from it with 2 wickets falling. Singapore then started hitting but left the chase too late and came up 8 runs short. A close game but the team showed much more discipline and character. With the match between Singapore and Malaysia abandoned due to rain, the win means Hong Kong will qualify for the final on Sunday. Will play Malaysia tomorrow. Good performance from the team.

Hong Kong v. Malaysia 'A': A disapointing performance with the bat after the good result against Singapore. Booth batted well again but he was the only one. Rain affected and the result was never really in doubt but we feel that if the lads perform up to potential they will have a good chance of upsetting the Malayasians in the final.

Final - Hong Kong v. Malaysia: Match reduced to 30 overs due to heave overnight rain. Hong Kong won the toss but some very ill disciplined batting led to the above, after which the result was never going to be an issue.

U19 Tunaku Ja'afar Cup, Malaysia, 20th - 23rd April 2000

Hong Kong Under 19 Team

Sean Brierly (Capt), Jignesh Tailor (Vice Capt), Neeraj Savalani, Tommy Yau, Dyutish Chaudhuri, Tushar Pradeep Jhaveri, Danish Qureshi, Stephen Hawinkels, Graeme Hawinkels, Danesh Uyangoda, Rohan Boghani, Damen Holmes, Zubair Nizami, Yogesh Mahtani

Coach: Lal Jayasinghe; Manager: Julian Harneiss

Schedule & Summary of Results

Key: STC = Selangor Turf Club, RMC = Royal Military College

Date Match Venue
20.4.2000 Malaysia v. Malaysia 'A' STC Malaysia beat Malaysia "A"
Hong Kong v. Singapore RMC Hong Kong 95 (D Chaudhuri 39; A Vijayan 3-21) lost to Singapore 96-6 (A Vijavan 31*; J Tailor 2-16, N Savalani 2-19) by 4 wkts
21.4.2000 Malaysia v. Singapore STC Singapore beat Malaysia
Hong Kong v. Malaysia 'A' RMC Hong Kong 236-4 (S Hawinkels 100, D Chaudhuri 89) beat Malaysia "A" 46 (J Tailor 4-13, Y Mathani 4-6) by 190 runs
22.4.2000 Hong Kong v. Malaysia STC Malaysia 167 (S Hawinkels 3-35, N Salavani 2-23, Y Mahtani 2-25, T Yau 2-9) beat Hong Kong 160 (S Hawinkels 41, J Tailor 27) by 7 runs
Singapore v. Malaysia 'A' RMC Malaysia "A" beat Singapore
23.4.2000 FINAL STC Malaysia 196-6 beat Singapore 91 by 105 runs

Asian Cricket Council Under 15 Tournament [click here for full tournament coverage by CricInfo]

The Hong Kong Under 15 squad selected to compete against sids from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh in the first Asian Cricket Council (ACC) Under 15 tournament is:

Hong Kong U15 Squad

Yogesh Mathani (Captain), Chandan Kaliandasani, Imran Khan, Zaran Vaacha, Le Roux Louw, Deepinder Dillon, Rishi Daryanani, Dheeraj Daswani, Vinay Sajnani, Anthony Marrin, Raj Putatunda (vice-captain), Colin Bridges, Sunny Hathiramani, Trevor Slack

Coach: Lal Jayasinghe, Manager: Ron Brierly

"This is the first time Hong Kong has competed in official international matches against India and Pakistan," said Mark Burns, HKCA Operations Manager, "Playing against some of the best young cricketers in the world it will be tough for our boys. But they have been training hard, in between their exams, and we're hopeful they'll give a good account of themselves."

The tour is support by:
Hong Kong Sports Development Board, Bolle Asia Ltd, The Asia Sports Group, Swire Coca Cola HK Ltd, Mr Martin Sabine, Mr Marjo Louw, Mr Bob Lind.

Hong Kong U15's Schedule & Summary Results

Date Match Venue Result
30.6.2000 Hong Kong v. Malaysia Ampang Match Drawn | Scorecard
1.7.2000 Hong Kong v. Pakistan Bukit Kiara Lost by 8 wickets | Scorecard
4.7.2000 Hong Kong v. Thailand Ampang Won by 22 runs | Scorecard
5.7.2000 Hong Kong v. Bangladesh Bukit Kiara Lost by 10 wickets | Scorecard
6.7.2000 Hong Kong v. Sri Lanka RMC, Sugai Besi Lost by 10 wickets | Scorecard | Report
8.7.2000 Hong Kong v. India RMC, Sugai Besi Lost by 363 runs | Scorecard | Report

Points Table | Statistics

Touring Teams
Haberdashers' Aske's Schools Tour of Hong Kong, 19-22 December 1999

The Haberdashers' Aske's school cricket team from the UK will be touring Hong Kong during 19-22 December 1999, playing a series of 3 matches against local Hong Kong junior cricket teams. The Haberdashers' Aske's school traditionally send a strong team and are expected to give the Hong Kong junior players excellent competition.

Schedule & Summary of Results

Date Match Venue Result
19/12/99 Hong Kong Schools Cricket Association XI v. Haberdashers' Aske's HKCC Match abandoned due to rain.
21/12/99 HKCA Colts XI v. Haberdashers' Aske's TKR HKCA Colts XI 256 (M Wong 55, C Manoj 54, A French 40, A Amdani 30; Matthew 3-51) beat Haberdashers' Aske 174-9 (Moore 25; A French 3-25, C Manoj 2-21) by 82 runs
22/12/99 KCC Colts XI v. Haberdashers' Aske's KCC KCC Colts beat Haberdashers' Aske's - details unavailable at this time