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Zimbabwe in West Indies

Colin Croft
Colin Croft
Audio reports and interviews with Colin Croft

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See also: Audio clips from the Triangular Tournament between Pakistan, West Indies and Zimbabwe in April 2000.

    2nd Test
    Jamaica, 24-27 March 2000

    Day 4
  • Dave Houghton "We've learnt here that you've got to be strong for all five days, you can't be strong for three or four days and hope to get a victory in the end." (Duration: 1:17 mins)
  • Andy Flower "I thought we played some really good cricket for a period in both Tests but we couldn't sustain that sort of standard. Without a doubt the West Indies played better in Jamaica, obviously we were missing Heath Streak and that cost us dearly." (Duration: 1:43 mins)
  • Franklyn Rose - Man of the Series. "The main thing at the moment is just to maintain my discipline and my spirit and not get carried away." (Duration: 1:40 mins)
  • Jimmy Adams - Man of the Match. "I'm very happy at the minute, and with the way the team has risen to the challenges of the last two Test matches." (Duration: 1:43 mins)
  • Viv Richards talks to Colin Croft about the result. (Duration: 2:18 mins)

    Day 3 - Courtney Walsh's 435th Test wicket

  • Courtney Walsh "It was a great team effort and I want to thank the team for all the support they have given me over the years, and the fans who came out today and the last 3 days. I'd like to play a little bit more for as long as I have something to offer to the team, I'm just enjoying the here and now and I'm really looking forward to the celebrations at the end of the match." (Duration: 2:13 mins)
  • Joel Garner, former West Indian fast bowler. "I think he is definitely a role model for West Indies cricket - it is good to see he has been justly rewarded." (Duration: 0:55 mins)
  • Jackie Hendriks, former West Indian wicket-keeper and current President of Jamaica Cricket Board. "Courtney started when I was manager in 1984 in England, and it has been marvellous to see how he has progressed to the point now where he is the world record-holder." (Duration: 1:14 mins)
  • Easton McMorris, former West Indian opening batsman. "To be born a gentleman is an accident, but to achieve gentlemanliness is great. Courtney is certainly a gentleman." (Duration: 1:26 mins)
  • Mike Findlay, Chairman of Selectors and former West Indian wicket-keeper. "Courtney Walsh has been a very hard worker - he is never one to shirk his responsibility." (Duration: 1:26 mins)
  • Henry Olonga, who was dismissed to give Walsh the record-breaking wicket. "Its a phenomenal career, I don't know if I should be glad I have this 'honour', but its certainly special." (Duration: 2:04 mins)
  • Courtney Walsh's mother "He's a dedicated person, I think he will go on playing as long as he feels like he can do." (Duration: 0:38 mins)
  • Michael Holding "Its been a long struggle, at one stage we thought perhaps he would not have got it in Jamaica, I feel even more of a privilege to be have here in my own country seeing him get it at this ground." (Duration: 2:21 mins)
  • Dr Rudi Webster "Courtney isn't just a champion on the cricket field, he's one tremendous human being who has time for just about everyone. He is a perfect role model for young kids to follow." (Duration: 1:17 mins)
  • Reon Hinds - who took the catch to give Courtney Walsh his 435th Test wicket. (Duration: 0:53 mins)
  • Chester Watson - former West Indian fast bowler. "Courtney has discipline in his cricket, he's dedicated and in addition he loves the game - always giving his 100%." (Duration: 0:44 mins)
  • Marjorie Morris - West Indian fan. "It was very emotional." (Duration: 0:50 mins)
  • President of local cricket club "If anyone deserves this its Courtney Walsh." (Duration: 0:38 mins)
  • Prime Minister - "I can't explain the joy I felt because I wanted him to do it on Jamaican soil." (Duration: 2:51 mins)
  • Zimbabwe Team Manager Ali Omarshah - "As a member of the ICC executive board I think he's been an ambassador for world cricket." (Duration: 1:52 mins)
  • Pat Rousseau, President of the West Indies Cricket Board. "I really am excited, I thought that he may not have got it tonight, but I'm absolutely thrilled that he did." (Duration: 1:21 mins)
  • Radio commentary leading up to the moment when Walsh dismissed Henry Olonga. (Duration: 1:33 mins)
  • Interview (Duration: 0:54 mins)

    Day 2
  • Dave Houghton: "We're really missing the services of Heath Streak, we're doing all the right jobs with the rest of our seamers, but we're really missing our strike bowler." (Duration: 2:16 mins)
  • Jimmy Adams: "We fought ourselves back into the game and we now have everything to play for." (Duration: 3:34 mins)

    Day 1
  • Jimmy Adams on a long day in the field - "those two wickets came at a good time for us, it was a reward for the team hanging in there when we were really up against a very good partnership." (Duration: 0:33 mins)
  • Roger Harper talks to Colin Croft about the first day. "We had periods where we went a little slack, when Campbell, Flower and Goodwin were at their best, but we managed to pull ourselves back into the game." (Duration: 0:39 mins)
  • Murray Goodwin on his hundred: "Its always nice to be here, its a great challenge against a strong pace attack. People love their cricket here and there's a great atmosphere. I think fast bowling suits my game, I'm not a flash player but I seem to grind it out and take every ball as it comes." (Duration: 2:01 mins)
  • Reon King took five wickets for the first time in Test cricket. "The second innings in Trinidad gave me a confidence boost, coming here I think it was a better surface for fast bowling, I think that really helped me." (Duration: 2:57 mins)
  • Questions from the Press Conference at close of play. (Duration: 3:29 mins)
  • Dr Rudi Webster talks to Colin Croft about his involvement with West Indies cricket. (Duration: 13:50 mins)

  • Interview with Dave Houghton: "Hopefully we'll be able to play a few more shots and be a bit more positive as batsmen, I think this wicket will give the batters a bit more opportunity to play shots." (Duration: 4:08 mins)
  • Jimmy Adams: "I think its going to be a good wicket, there'll be something there for everybody and we should see some good cricket played." (Duration: 2:38 mins)
  • Courtney Walsh needs five wickets to become the leading Test wicket-taker. "I'm not nervous, quite relaxed, a bit excited and a bit hopeful. I'm hoping I can achieve the five wickets here on my home ground." (Duration: 2:17 mins)
  • Andy Flower discusses what Zimbabwe need to do to win the second Test. "It was very disappointing for us to lose that Test after playing well for 4 of the days, but we've got to put that behind us." (Duration: 4:19 mins)
  • Roger Harper: "We know there are some areas of our game that need to be improved on... before the series started we expected to have a very tough game and expected them to be very competitive and enthusiastic. " (Duration: 2:44 mins)