ECC Tournament Report - Women European Cricket Championship 1999
Played in Nykbing Mors, Jutland, Denmark - 19-21 July

England has won all past European Championship-tournaments. The tournament started ten years ago in Nykbing Mors also hosting it this year because of the 700 jubilee of the town. The local club using their two extremely well kept grounds. The town offered a welcome dinner and a tour round the beautiful local island.

One of the differences between the start and now is, that now only one country remains - where the women cricketers is not part of the same organisation as the men. It is the Ireland, and because of this - maybe the Irish team were the only one appearing in skirts. England had left that bastion after being part of the England and Wales Cricket Board and Holland and Denmark has long ago found out, that with modern fielding technique, it might be a not a nice experience to do a glide in skirts. With no body for women's cricket in Europe, it is hoped, that this tournament in the future will come under the umbrella of ECC. Hopefully the next tournament will be played in two years.

This years tournament was again won by England after an exciting last match against Ireland. England had great difficulties in passing the low Irish score in wet conditions with very few balls remaining. The ground had been waterlogged during the night, so a late start was necessary. The local ground staff did a great job in making play possible after part of the ground was under water after the torrential rain during the night. Several interruptions through the day kept the ground slow and wet.

England took part with a young A -team - the senior side playing India at the same time. England and Ireland impressed everybody with great fielding and bowling moving the Platypus-ball both ways and making batting extremely difficult on the matting pitch in the conditions perfect for swing bowling.

Denmark beat Holland in the match for the bronze medals. All four teams consisted mostly of young players - a good sign for the future of women cricket

Medals were given to players by Norma Izaard on behalf of ECC and the Danish chairman Claus B.S.Hansen, former chairman of Nyk.M. also had medals for the players on behalf of the Danish Cricket Association.