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Bangladesh v England Pictures

Alec Stewart at the stumps

Al Shahrier at the crease

Mohammed Rafiq gives the ball a tweak for Bangladesh

Mohammed Rafiq bowling for Bangladesh

Naimur Rahman batting for his country

Enamul Hoque bowling

Khaled Mashud at the stumps

Naimur Rahman batting against England

Nasser Hussain batting against Bangladesh

Hasibul Hossain playing for Bangladesh

Habibul Bashar playing for Bangladesh

Darren Gough takes a break

Aminul Islam at the crease

Mark Alleyne bowling at the ICC 2000 Knock Out

Akram Khan of Bangladesh at the crease

A section of the Bangladeshi fans waving their country's flag

Stewart rues as a good chance for a run goes abegging

Rafique in action against England in the ICC KnockOut tournament

Rafique along with his keeper appeal for a leg before against Hussain

Naimur Rahman pulls the ball to backward of square

Hussain acknowledges the crowd on reaching his half century

Hussain executes the sweep as the Bangladesh keeper takes an evasive action

Hussain sprawled on the ground as he tries to reach the crease

Skipper Hussain steps out to clobber the Bangladesh attack

A scenic view of Nairobi Gymkhana during the Bangladesh-England encounter

Aminul Islam hits a ferocious drive off Caddick as keeper Stewart looks on

Gough on his knees as he follows the course of the ball keenly

Nasser Hussain steps out to lift the ball for yet another sixer

Hussain hits out, Bangladesh v England, ICC KnockOut, 2000/01

Nasser Hussain batting against Kenya

Stewart watches from behind the stumps as yet another Bangladesh batsman attempts to clobber the ball

Aminul Islam waits eagerly to drive a ball as England stumper Stewart watches keenly

England are all smiles after Caddick cleans up Al Sahariar

Bangladesh batsmen running hard on the way to a good score of 232 against England

Al Sahariar square cuts Andrew Caddick firmly

Javed Omar getting ready to crack the ball through the off side as Alec Stewart watches on

A dejected Habibul Bashar walks back to the pavilion after being run out

Naimur Rahman plays a fine flick off Craig White

Habibul Bashar pulls Andy Caddick to the fence

Spirit of Africa