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India v New Zealand Pictures

All rounder Yuvraj warming up before the final

Shayne O'Connor in bowling action

Anil Kumble in the field

Chris Harris thrashes the Indian bowling

Chris Harris bowling

Indian skipper Ganguly with a ton

Indian skipper Ganguly hits a six

Man of the Match Cairns with a blow for six

Geoff Allott takes a rest

Dahiya celebrates after effecting a stumping of Twose off Kumble

A jubiliant Prasad after picking up the wicket of Fleming

Astle tries to flick the ball as Tendulkar watches from the slips

Kambli hugs Prasad while Ganguly is elated about the fall of a new Zealand wicket

McMillan plays the sweep shot to good effect as Dravid and Dahiya watch

Centurion Cairns sets himself to heave the ball over the infield

The New Zealand captain Fleming holds the ICC KnockOut trophy aloft

Fleming with the ICC KnockOut Trophy, 2000/01

Cairns hits a six, India v New Zealand, ICC KnockOut, 2000/01

Fleming proudly holds aloft the ICC KnockOut Trophy

A jubiliant Cairns runs back to the pavilion after hitting the winning runs

Chris Cairns proudly displays his Man of the Match Award

Kumble on the verge of throwing the ball after making a sliding stop

Prasad makes a vociferous appeal for lbw against Astle

Chris Cairns executes a perfect cover drive

Spearman sets off for a single after flicking the ball

Spearman rues after Yuvraj brings off a scintillating catch

Dahiya displays quick reflexes to stump Roger Twose

Chris Cairns appeals as Umpire Shepherd is unmoved

Chris Cairns stops the ball on his follow through

Sourav Ganguly plays with the full face of the bat

Harris in despair as the ball narrowly misses the stumps

Kambli drives the ball past the bowler Styris for a boundary

Ganguly kisses the Indian emblem on his helmet on reaching his century

Ganguly lifts the ball past the bowler for yet another six

Dravid gets one past the close-in fielder as keeper Parore watches

Sachin plays the pull shot to perfection

Sachin Tendulkar turns back to regain his ground as Parore and Astle watch

A section of the crowd following the ICC KnockOut final match

Chris Cairns appealing for LBW

Nathan Astle warming up

Ganguly and Fleming at the toss before the start of the final

A beaming Ganguly soon after the toss before the start of the final

Fleming having a chat with David Hookes after winning the toss

Spirit of Africa