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Pithy remarks and quotable quotes. Wordsworth takes the best statements of the week and packages them into one exciting feature. From quotes that help you delve further into the psyche of players to acerbic barbs from incensed cricketers to remarks that are just downright hilarious, we have them all. They may not quite be "from the mouths of babes and sucklings," but they are just as interesting.
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December 4th week

He said "Get off."
- Michael Vaughan, on what Mark Ramprakash said when asked about the possibility of being reinstated after being dismissed handling the ball.

If anybody has made the game boring over the years, it is solely England, with its misplaced theories and notions about the game.
- Sunil Gavaskar, in a newspaper column.

You can bowl well and not get wickets, and on other days you can bowl like a bag of spanners and get some wickets. It just swings and roundabouts.
- Matthew Hoggard, during the Bangalore Test.

I would go back on my word originally. I would be available for the Indian one-day internationals to do whatever is now needed for the rest of the tour.
- Alec Stewart.

I'm enjoying doing things in the winter - painting, enjoying time off, doing bits in the garage and garden.
- Darren Gough, on his winter break.

He played for Lancashire for a season. I know him quite well, played in the same side as him, so maybe it gets a bit competitive when he comes out to bat.
- Andrew Flintoff, on his verbal bouts with Sourav Ganguly.

That's cricket. You work the whole day, toiling hard. Sometimes you're lucky and pick wickets, on other days you have nothing to show for it.
- Anil Kumble, on getting his 300th wicket with much effort.

The two (Sachin Tendulkar and Virender Sehwag) of them could've taken the game away from us, and at the same time they were giving us a chance by hitting out of the rough. Heard stuff about killing the game but I thought it was the most exciting part of the day when Sehwag went after it (the ball pitched outside the leg) and Tendulkar tried the same.
- Nasser Hussain in his Captainís diary.

There has been no slump in form as such, I have been getting out in the 40s too many number of times and that is a matter of concern. It is ok getting out without being set or getting a start.
- Sourav Ganguly on his poor batting form in Tests.

The last Test has thrown up many talking points and the issue of bowlers' actions will be uppermost in many quarters. The actions of Harbhajan Singh and Sarandeep Singh are, in my judgment, highly questionable and should be looked at closely.
- former England fast-bowling great Fred Trueman in a newspaper column.






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