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England tour of Zimbabwe, October 2001

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Playing Conditions for One-Day Internationals and Warm up Match

As per the ICC Standard Playing Conditions dated September 2001 with the following amendments:-

1. Duration of Matches

There will be no Reserve Days

2. Hours of Play

    2.1 Start and Cessation times:-

      09.30 to 13.00
      13.45 to 17.15

    2.4 Extra Time
    Will not apply

3. Appointment of Umpires
b) The TV replay system will not be used in the warm-up match

9. The Ball
Kookaburra Turf (white) balls will be used.

11. Points
This paragraph will not apply.

12. Day / Night Matches
(c) will not apply

Baillie Gifford Man of the Match

Nick Knight
5th ODI

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