Zimbabwe in India, Feb-Mar 2002
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India won by 101 runs
India 333/6 (50 ov)
Zimbabwe 232 (42.1/48 ov)

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February 4th week

The bottom line is winning, which is everything in this game. - Indian captain Sourav Ganguly

From former the man who runs a sweet shop near my house, everyone has a view on the game. But you need that, the game needs that passion. - Rahul Dravid.

I may be opening in India, and I'm quite happy to do it, if that's the case. I still prefer number three, but if it's better for the team or it means a better balance for me to go up front, then so be it. - Zimbabwe captain Stuart Carlisle.

We need an all-rounder. Probably Sanjay Bangar can be the answer to it. I think he should be played more consistently to boost his confidence - Sourav Ganguly after the announcement of the India squad.

We will not be worried about having to play just one warm-up match in India because we have just come from Sri Lanka where they have similar conditions. - Zimbabwe coach Geoff Marsh.

I was dropped after the England series, but I wasn't too fazed, and I was actually happy to be out of the cricket situation for a while. I have my sights set on India. - Guy Whittall.

It is a positive life decision for myself. I have had a couple of chronic injuries over the past two years, making every day a challenge. - Paul Strang, on his retirement from international cricket.

The pressure will be on them; everyone expects India to roll us over, but we are capable of playing some good cricket. - Heath Streak, on Zimbabwe being the underdog against India.

England's performance has been as inspiration for us. We'll try to pick up from them as much as we came in order to do well. - Stuart Carlisle.

Kumble and Harbhajan are terrific, and Sachin is a class player. We'll have to make sure we can combat them. - Geoff Marsh.

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