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Cadburys 5 Star Cricket Fantasy

So you fancy yourself as a good judge of cricket? Then put yourself to the test by being a "selector" and play Cadburys 5 Star Cricket Fantasy. It's loads of fun!

You need to be a registered user of CricInfo to participate in this contest. Register Now!. If you are a registered user, use the CricInfo Registration Centre to update your particulars.

To play, all you have to do is pick your dream team from the Indian, Zimbabwean and West Indian cricketers playing in Tri Series in Zimbabwe. Your dream team must consist of four (4) players from India, four (4) players from Zimbabwe and four (4) players from West Indies and contain four (4) batsmen, three (3) allrounders, one (1) wicketkeeper and four (4) bowlers

Players are awarded one (1) point per run, 20 points per wicket and five (5) points per catch/stumping. No points are awarded for a run out. To make it more interesting you have to nominate one trump player -- and he earns double points.

The team with the most points at the end of the Tri Series wins.

You can make changes to your team as often as you like until 7:30 GMT on June 30th, the day the fourth match of the Tri Series starts in Bulawayo. This is the cut-off point and the team selected at that stage is your team for the rest of the Tri Series.

So make it happen and register your team now. Form a mini-competition with your friends and family, and become familiar with how to play. Be ready for the first toss of the coin!