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Katrina Keenan - the New Zealand view
Portrait of Katrina Keenan We knew we could do it
[ 27 December 2000 ]

On Saturday 23rd December we experienced one of the greatest moments of our lives and our cricketing careers. It was the most sensational and enthralling cricket match. 184 was a fair target. The loss of some key wickets early in our innings meant the middle order had to graft it out. [More]

Claire Taylor - the English view
Portrait of Claire Taylor Preparing to go home
[ 19 December 2000 ]

I'm at a loss for words. Five weeks into the tour and our CricInfo Women's World Cup campaign is now officially over. We've got a couple of days left together before heading our separate ways, some home for Christmas, others staying in New Zealand to travel or play cricket in the State tournament. [More]

Sandra Dawson - the Irish view
Portrait of Sandra Dawson The morning after the night before
[ 17 December 2000 ]

Having been outplayed by the in-form South Africans yesterday at Hagley, we kick-started a potentially big night with a few DBs at the ground along with a couple of farewell and thank-you speeches with all our supporters in the dressing room. [More]

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