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India Women v New Zealand Women Pictures

Rebecca Rolls plays a cut shot

Anna O'Leary dives to the crease as Indian wicketkeeper Anju Jain gathers the ball

Anna O'Leary plays a pull shot

New Zealander Anna O'Leary sweeps the ball to the on side before finishing on 50 not out.

New Zealand fans Sean Hamill and Kirk Woodil show their support for the White Ferns

White Ferns reserve wicket keeper Emily Travers signs her autograph for young fans

Spectators crowd the banks at the BIL Oval to watch the second semi-final

Rebecca Rolls launches forward as she hits the ball through the covers

Purnima Rau still has a smile on her face as she shakes the hands of the New Zealand team

The CricInfo Women's World Cup trophies on display outside the BIL Oval pavilion

Sky TV crew lead out the Indian openers, Smitha Harikrishna and Purnima Rau

Purnima Rau hits the ball toward the boundary during her innings of 67 not out

White Fern Kathryn Ramel turns to the umpire to appeal, but was unsuccessful

White Fern Rachel Pullar bowling to India's Purnima Rau

Anju Jain stands with Purnima Rao as they wait for the 3rd umpires decision to call the run out of Jain by Rachel Pullar with a direct hit

India's Smitha Harikrishna hits the ball to the on-side

Anjum Chopra is bowled by White Fern Kathryn Ramel

New Zealand fans and "Mr Blobby" run from the field after Anna O'Leary hugged the inflatable when she reached her half century

Disappointed Indian captain Anju Jain gets interviewed by Sky Television

India celebrate their only wicket, Rebecca Rolls was caught by Deepa Kulkarni

New Zealand's captain and number 3 batsman Emily Drumm pushes into the covers

Emily Drumm gets interviwed by Sky television at the end of the match

Renu Margrate runs up to congratulate bowler Neetu David after Rebecca Rolls was caught by Deepa Kulkarni

New Zealand's Anna O'Leary raises her bat to acknowledge her half century

New Zealand's Player of the Match Anna O'Leary drives to point

White Ferns gather as they wait for the decision on the run out by Rachel Pullar

Indian opener Purnima Rau sweeps the ball out to the boundary for 4 runs

A spectator relaxes in the summer sun

Indian opener Purnima Rau drives through square

Purnima Rau raises her hand as she reached her half century and went on to finish with 67 not out

Renu Margrate walks back to the pavilion while New Zealand celebrate Rebecca Rolls' stumping

Rupanjali Shastri looks confused as she watches New Zealand celebrate her wicket (lbw)

New Zealand assemble around former captain Debbie Hockley after they take another wicket

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