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  [ as at 23 December 2000 ]

1st Lisa Keightley (Australia) 11 points
2nd= Anna O'Leary (New Zealand) 9 points
  Karen Rolton (Australia) 9 points
4th= Anjum Chopra (India) 8 points
  Daleen Terblanche (South Africa) 8 points
6th= Belinda Clark (Australia) 7 points
  Emily Drumm (New Zealand) 7 points
8th Clare Taylor (England) 6 points
9th= Claire Taylor (England) 5 points
  Mithali Raj (India) 5 points
  Helen Watson (New Zealand) 5 points
12th= Hiroshi Abeysinghe (Sri Lanka) 4 points
  Caitriona Beggs (Ireland) 4 points
  Paula Flannery (New Zealand) 4 points
  Zoe Goss (Australia) 4 points
  Chandrakanta Kaul (India) 4 points
  Therese McGregor (Australia) 4 points
  Linda Olivier (South Africa) 4 points
  Purnima Rau (India) 4 points
  Haidee Tiffen (New Zealand) 4 points
  Sunette Viljoen (South Africa) 4 points
22nd= Catherine Campbell (New Zealand) 3 points
  Charlotte Edwards (England) 3 points
  Avril Fahey (Australia) 3 points
  Cathryn Fitzpatrick (Australia) 3 points
  Katrina Keenan (New Zealand) 3 points
  Nolubabalo Ndzundzu (South Africa) 3 points
  Clare Nicholson (New Zealand) 3 points
  Rebecca Rolls (New Zealand) 3 points
  Chamani Senevirathne (Sri Lanka) 3 points
  Rupanjali Shastri (India) 3 points
  Rasanjali Silva (Sri Lanka) 3 points
33rd= Jane Cassar (England) 2 points
  Sarah Collyer (England) 2 points
  Helen Davies (South Africa) 2 points
  Miriam Grealey (Ireland) 2 points
  Isobel Joyce (Ireland) 2 points
  Rowan Milburn (Netherlands) 2 points
  Helmien Rambaldo (Netherlands) 2 points
  Hanri Strydom (South Africa) 2 points
  Pauline te Beest (Netherlands) 2 points
  Arran Thompson (England) 2 points
43rd= Anina Burger (South Africa) 1 point
  Barbara Daniels (England) 1 point
  Cindy Eksteen (South Africa) 1 point
  Smitha Harikrishna (India) 1 point
  Debbie Hockley (New Zealand) 1 point
  Anne Linehan (Ireland) 1 point
  Maartje Köster (Netherlands) 1 point
  Olivia Magno (Australia) 1 point
  Charmaine Mason (Australia) 1 point
  Catherine O'Neill (Ireland) 1 point
  Yulandi van der Merwe (South Africa) 1 point
  Carly Verheul (Netherlands) 1 point
  Saibh Young (Ireland) 1 point

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