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Interview with Bob Woolmer
Bob Woolmer presents the path leading to the winning cycle of a team

Cricket Carnival presents another interactive session with Bob Woolmer, one of the most successful coaches the game has ever seen. Woolmer addresses a gathering of cricket coaches from across the world and talks about a winning cycle of a team.

Enjoy Woolmer's presentation on the winning habits of a team in Audio & Video.

  • When does a team start performing badly : Bob Woolmer picks out the most common indicators that lead to the fall of a team. Complaining about administration, worrying about sponsors, not willing to practice, and many more like that. Woolmer brings out all his experience in analysing these reasons. [ Audio | Video ]
  • The transition from a losing team to winning team : Woolmer talks about the change in cycle. The shift to a winning team. The reasons for the shift like the team meetings, frank discussions and other things that raise the spirit of the team. [ Audio | Video ]
  • The 6 S's to success : Woolmer lays down the path to success through the 6 S's, skill, speed, strength, stamina, suppleness & spirit. [ Audio | Video ]
  • Play against spin bowling : Woolmer with the help of Dale Benkenstien demonstrates the techniques to play spin bowling. The foot movements , weight transfer , use of both hands are discussed in detail in this session [ Audio | Video ]

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