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Have a look at my left elbow. In the side-on position with the left elbow, the left elbow tends to get in the line of vision sometimes. But the Kent lads' years ago when Norty used to play designed a grip which would stop the left elbow (For the right handers I mean) from getting in line of the vision of the ball. And what Norty used to do is put his hand behind the bat like this. And if you grip the bat like this, even if you play side-on, your left elbow is still going to go out of the line of vision. So that was Norty's way.

So I am saying that even if you are playing side-on and if your left elbow is getting into the line of vision, it might be something that you can tell the kids that you might have to change the grip.

What I am doing here today is to give you the options of how you can play the short-pitched ball. I don't believe there is no one set way of playing. I personally I like the chest-on position, because it helped me to be more positive and sometimes when you go to places like Australia and if you got someone like Devon Malcom and these guys who are coming at you, you got to be prepared to fight fire by fire.

You can play both of these shots in any position that you like but I am saying that with a side-on position you tend that you got to bring your leg across in order to get the ball there and to me that is very uncomfortable.

I like the chest -on position because it'll give me the option that I can pull if the ball doesn't bounce and I think it is a more positive position to be in.

I am going to get them to chuck some balls at me at a rapid pace because when you are batting, sometimes you only got a split second to react. I am going to finish on that.

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