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Interview with Dickie Bird

  • Umpiring as a career: Did Dickie Bird ever wanted to be an umpire. What were his views on umpiring when he first played cricket for Yorkshire? [Video 1 | Audio 1 | Video 2 | Audio 2]
  • Transition from a player to an Umpire: What prompted him to take umpiring as a career. How does it help to be an Umpire who has played the game. Find out all about Dickie Bird's shift from a first class player to umpiring. [Video 1 | Audio 2 | Video 2 | Audio 2]
  • Role Model:1 Who was Bird's biggest influence. Whom did he consider as his role model. [Video | Audio]]
  • What makes a good Umpire: Listen to the key words, which Dickie Bird believes make a good umpire. [Video | Audio]
  • On Sledging: How Dickie tackle sledging during his days. Know his opinion on the menace of modern day cricket. [Video 1 | Audio 1 | Video 2 | Audio 2]
  • Television & Third Umpire: How did the growing influence of television on the game affected umpiring. What kind of decisions should be under the purview of the 3rd umpire. Does the 3rd umpire really ease the pressure on the filed umpire or it works on the contrary. Listen to the views of Dickie Bird on this. [Video 1 | Audio 1 | Video 2 | Audio 2]
  • Home umpire versus away umpire: Are home umpires always biased. Having 2 neutral umpires is the only solution. Dickie Bird has a strong opinion on how the latest policies on umpiring in international cricket is affecting the umpires all over the world. [Video 1 | Audio 1 | Video 2 | Audio 2]
  • Mistakes as an umpire: Are there any bad decisions that Dickie has made , that still haunt him. Does he have any regrets as an umpire. [Video | Audio]
  • Travelling as an umpire: Did he enjoy travelling across the world as part of the ICC panel of umpires. Which places did he like the most. [Video 1 | Audio 1 | Video 2 | Audio 2]
  • One Day Cricket: Dickie Bird as a witness to the spectacular growth of one-day cricket during the course of his career and as the only umpire to officiate in 3 world -cup finals talks about his experiences about this condensed version of the game. [Video 1 | Audio 1 | Audio 2]
  • On his motivation: Did Dickie ever get bored of umpiring in his long career spanning 25 years. What has been his biggest motivation, what kept his enthusiasm intact for such a long time. Know all about that. [Video | Audio]
  • On the best test match: Dickie Bird recollects this great match between Pakistan & Australia in Karachi which he considers among the best test match he has officiated. [Video | Audio]
  • On his last test match: Often referred to as being a very emotional person, Dickie Bird talks about his last test match. Given a choice, would he change his life to be a great batsman for England instead of being an umpire of the stature he is? Let's watch what Dickie has to say about that. [Video 1 | Audio 1 | Video 2 | Audio 2]
  • His future plans: On his latest role as an ICC ambassador of cricket, his autobiography and several honarary memberships in UK. Dickie Bird talks about what future holds for him. [Video 1 | Audio 1 | Video 2 | Audio 2 | Video 3 | Audio 3]

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