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Interview with Terry Jenner

CricInfo brings you a spell binding demonstration on mastering Leg-Spin bowling from Terry Jenner. Jenner, himself an international cricketer having represented Australia in 9 test matches and a solitary one-day international was also associated with the Australian Cricket Academy.

Terry Jenner closely worked with Shane Warne during his grooming days and is highly regarded as a coach who helped Warne's talent realise its full potential. He is called as the "spin doctor" to Shane Warne.

The video interview with Terry Jenner is a classic guide to have a hold on the basics of leg spin bowling.

  • Leg Spin - The Mystical Art: Terry Jenner gives an introduction to leg spin. He unveils the mystery of Leg - Spin. " The gift is there in yours fingers and your wrists" More. [Video]

  • On Practicing The Art: Jenner takes you through the methods of practicing, basic foot movement weight training, weight transference etc. The "one-step" way to start leg-spin bowling. A must for all beginners. [Video]

  • Variations: Watch Jenner demonstrate the variations in leg spin bowling. The leg break , the top spinner, the wrong one. Learn his "ABC" method of coaching which tell us about gripping the ball to deliver these variations. [Video]

  • Back Spinner & Flipper: Jenner continues his demonstrations on variations of leg-spin. Learn the approach to practicing advanced techniques like the back spinner & the flipper. [Video]

  • On Gripping The Ball: Jenner addresses the problems involved in gripping the ball, especially with the kids whose fingers are not developed to have a firm a grip. [Video]

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