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The sight of Jonty Rhodes, Mark Waugh or Herschelle Gibbs in full flight is one of the most arresting scenes in the game. Until the advent of the one-day game, fielding was a tiresome necessity not worth spending time on. But in modern times, flagbearers such as Rhodes have made a tremendous impact on the overall standard of fielding. There are few poor fieldsmen today and they are quickly identified and forced to mend their ways.

Most of the spectacular bits of action that you see boil down to sound basics. Brilliant fielding is an art that can be learnt. We start with fielding close. Expert close-in fielder and England captain Nasser Hussain throws himself full length and shows you how to pull off a stunning diving save in the stopping section. Once the ball has been saved one has to get rid of the ball quickly. No one, but no one, does that better than Jonty Rhodes. Go to the throwing section to see how Rhodes slides, stops the ball and fires it at the stumps in no time.

Catching is an art that requires a lot of attention. Whether it's a sharp reflex catch needing the kind of alertness Nasser Hussain displays, pulling off a blinder at mid wicket. Or the agility that fleet footed Herschelle Gibbs presses into action while taking a diving catch at square leg. All this brilliance makes for superb viewing but the basis of taking any kind of catch is a safe pair of hands. There are very few people in the business with a safer pair of hands than Mark Waugh. Catch all this and more in the catching section.

Dale Benkenstein's presentation on Fielding

Dale Benkenstien

Cricket Carnival presents an enthralling demonstration by Dale Benkenstein & Bob Woolmer to master one of the most important aspects of modern day cricket - fielding.

Dale Benkenstein, member of the South African national team takes you through the South African school of fielding along with his former coach Bob Woolmer. Benkenstein talks about the fantastic role models that South Afrcans have for fielding, about considering fielding as a complete team effort and how they make fielding the most intensive as well as the most enjoyable exercise.

Learn about the proteas attention to detail, the anticipation techniques and practices to sharpen reflexes in this exciting presentation. [ Audio | Video ]

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