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Learn the finer points of one of the toughest arts in the game of cricket. Wicket keeper are like office boys, said author Ray Robinson, because no one notices them unless a catch is dropped (or ink spilt) and a stumping missed (or a folder lost). Standing up to the wickets to a top class spinner is one of the most challenging assignments in the game and long hours of practice go into the making of a successful wicket keeper. This section contains everything a budding wicket-keeper should know, including the various components of his gear and the different demands of keeping to fast bowlers and spinners.

Bob Taylor's Presentation on wicket keeping

Bob Taylor

CricInfo brings to you a presentation from Bob Taylor on wicketkeeping. Former Derbyshireand England wicketkeeper, Taylor holds the record for most career dismissals in the history of first class cricket. He donned the gloves for 57 Test matches snapping up 167 catches and completing 7 stumpings. This included a record ten catches against India in a Test match at Bombay in 1980.

The 59 year old Taylor talks about the central role of the wicketkeeper in motivating his team. This is an excellent guide for beginners and coaches on the finer aspects of wicketkeeping. Taylor demonstrates the values of concentration, maintaining a clear line of vision and techniques to 'stand up' to a bowler.

Enjoy the treat in full [ Audio | Video ]

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