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"Hold YOUR wicket first, then ask me to take some!"
- Dhiraj

"Please don't short-pitch this Srinath bhai!"
- Prasanna

"I am improving my footwork"
- Raghavpal

"I hope I find a another Ponting in Zimbabwe!"
- Amit Sharma

"hey i'm not a patch adams."
- Sumesh Nair

"When the Master speaks India listens"
- Jay

"These Aussies keep getting me out early spoiling my mood"
- Jaideep Sajdeh

"Wake Up, we just won the match!!!"
- Anandram Narasimhan

"It happens man, bad pitches, you are lucky to stay becoz you are captain"
- Shivanand

"No more LBWs! We're practicing our new stance!!"
- Jai Narayan

"The Womens bathroom gets a couch, We get this..."
- Chris Rydin


"No! I'm not fixin' the match for even 500 dollars!"
- Jai Narayan

"Go talk to Nagma, let me do my work!"
- Viji

"dont worry beta tera number next over may ayega"
- Sandeep

""Pidgeon pads up and the Indians Singh and dance".."
- Geoff Dooley

"Ganguly - on a 'high'"
- Abhijeet Patil

"The higher we get, the lesser they threat."
- Vikram

" Didn't I make them dance to my tune?"
- SS Ramasubramanian

"This is one weird cricket bat."
- Sam Telfer

"Why am I always playing second 'fiddle' to this guy ??"
- Abhijeet Patil

"I wish this computer is as consistant as your bowling!"
- Nikin

"Consult the Net to NET your opponents!"
- Samit Das

- Sriram

"Dude! I know that I am going through LEAN PATCH, may be this WHITE PATCH will make me look good"
- Rajendra S Goud

"Remember to be on time on the ground"
- Gautam J Gupta

"Nice try, Rahul, but I think they'll know it's you and not me unless you bat left-handed."
- Abhijeet Patil

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